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The One Product That’s Always In Farozan’s Bag!

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It’s getting hot ya’ll, and with the soaring temperatures comes a host of prickly icky problems for girls with sensitive skin! Since I don’t wear foundation or BB creams or any form of base makeup on a daily basis, there’s no hiding when my skin is in distress! That’s why I’ll always choose skincare over caking up with layers of makeup because I feel it suits me better. My quick fix when my skin starts sending me red hot SOSes is bumping up the use of one of my favourite facial mists, the Avene Eau Thermale Face Mist.

I know this little miracle worker is an instant gateway to healthy, hydrated skin. It soothes any redness or irritation that pops up. I usually store it in the fridge at work, so it’s always deliciously refreshing.

Avene Eau Thermale Facial Mist Editors Pick_Hauterfly

Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water

From one sensitive-skinned girl to another, let me tell you that this little bottle is a serious skin saver! I basically use Eau Thermale in the morning after reaching work — I’ll cleanse all the Mumbai grime off my face, then spritz this baby on, slap on some lipstick and I’m good to go! I reach for the bottle in the afternoon again when I’m feeling that 3 pm crash, and give myself a pre-latte skin refresher. No points for guessing which product is also part of my nightly CTM routine.

Considering how lavishly I spray myself with Eau Thermale, it’s reassuring to know that it starts off as pure rain mixed with sea-spray rich in mineral salts! Avene prides itself on a long history of soothing skin with Eau Thermale, since 1743 to be exact. The website claims that it can be used for everything from diaper rashes to psoriasis. They even claim that one bottle is sold every two seconds worldwide, that’s 43,200 bottles sold per day! Say what?

Go ahead and treat yourself to this fantastic product that’s beloved by celebrities, beauty editors and makeup artists alike. Oh, and me too!

SHOP NOW: Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water (Rs 510) 


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