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The Little Box Of Joy Farozan Wants To Gift To ERRYBODY!

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Ahh, thank God 2016 is coming to an end, it really couldn’t come sooner. And what better way to bid adieu to a year that sucked than with a bunch of ragers…oops, I mean parties. Rather than grinding with a bunch of randos in an over-priced club, I prefer chilled-out scenes at a friend’s home. Since I know that my friends are hosting us, a bunch of baboons, despite the fact that they know we’re going to trash their homes, they surely should be rewarded for their generosity, no?


Propshop24 Thank You Box

For this purpose, I’ve picked out this little box of deliciousness, courtesy of our friends at Propshop24, who have now started a food section, too! YEAY! The best part is that they deliver pan-India, so if you’ve got a bae in a different city, you can pretend to be all considerate without moving a muscle.

The Thank You Box contains a sinful hot chocolate mix (perfect for the holidays!), tea cake, and gluten-free granola. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the varieties of tea cakes, which includes espresso banana, spiced pumpkin, double chocolate, and lemon yogurt. From the gluten-free granolas, you can choose among cranberry pistachio, fig walnut, and chocolate hazelnut.

So go ahead and spread the seasonal cheer, and show your loved ones you care with this cute little box of love!

SHOP NOW: Propshop24 Thank You Box (Rs 2,050)


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