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This Necklace Is Saving Farozan From Chokers!

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Call me a grouch, but I kinda hate the fact that the chokers are *such* a big rage. While the world and their grandmothers go crazy for this trend, I shudder to see this style I hated as a toddler rehashed and paraded in my face. If I had my way, I’d call time of death and throw chokers back into the sartorial locker, where they rightfully belong. Even Alexa Chung agrees that it may be time to step away from the choker and went so far as to call it the new flower crown. LOL! You see, unless you’ve got a gorgeous, slender neck, a choker will make you look like a glorified blob. It also doesn’t help that most of the chokers border on tacky, unless styled correctly, which is just too much effort for someone like myself.

Like most other women with an Apple body shape, I prefer my necklaces long — give me a lariat necklace or a bunch of layered pendant necklaces any day. In my humble opinion, a longer necklace works beautifully at elongating your neck and torso, something I desperately need help with. Just look at the iconic necklace Joan Holloway from Mad Men wore, it works so well for a fuller figured girl like herself.

Tribe by Amrapali Silver Black Onyx Triple Jhoomka Necklace inpost

Tribe by Amrapali Silver Black Onyx Triple Jhoomka Necklace

I think this jhoomka necklace will be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I love the combination of the lotus motif and the quintessential jhoomka. The kitsch Indian look will add a fun vibe to even the most vanilla of my outfits and it’s heavy enough to be worn by itself. Layer it up with another necklace or two for to rock gypsy chic with relative ease! Everyone will think you’ve put in a lot more effort into your outfit than you really have! So jump off the choker wagon and join me on the dark side cool side — we’re wearing longer necklaces now.


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