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These Gumboots Have Got Farozan Singing In The Rain!

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“Gumboots and cute don’t go together, Farozan.”

“EW! No! Gumboots bring back horrific childhood memories of kids splashing water on me!”

As you can see, when I first pitched gumboots as my next #HauteList pick, it was met with a LOT of scepticism from the team. You see, poor ol’ gumboots are still stigmatised by their association with snotty children and sanitation workers, thus making them decidedly unchic. While my colleagues reach for a plethora of rainbow-hued jellies, bellies, and other monsoon footwear options, I have to admit, I won’t be able to survive the monsoon in this city without at least one pair of gumboots.

The season, gorgeous as it is, brings out the filth of the city and the thought of treading through a mixture of rain, sewage, and garbage makes me shudder. There’s honestly no better way to protect your toes from leptospirosis and god knows what else lurking out there than with a pair of full-coverage boots. It’s an essential part of my monsoon armour and should be included in yours too. What also draws me to gumboots is the fact that they provide a firm grip, which is essential when you struggle to maintain your balance on even dry surfaces, like yours truly.



These elegant maroon gummies from Aldo are a perfect addition to my collection. The rich oxblood adds a muted splash to my wardrobe of monochrome while remaining low key, perfect for days when I’m not feeling bright and sunny. I’m a sucker for hardware details, so I’m pleased as punch with the studded detailing on the back of the gumboots. They’re tres chic, no?

The 1.5-inch heel will definitely give me a not-needed-but-very-appreciated boost in the height department too. Can these gumboots get any better? So go ahead and give these babies a spin. I promise you, you’ll be jumping in puddles and singing in the rain.


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