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This Peek-A-Boo Dress is High Up On Snehal’s #LustList

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When you are asked to give what tops your lust list, how can you not go big? And when I say go big, I mean McQueen big! Come on, do you really think I could ever afford this luxurious buy in RL? Exactly! And being a full-time fashion lover (or what we secretly call, stalker), owning anything from Alexander McQueen is probably every girl’s dream. I mean, after style-stalking celebs wearing the most gorgeous looks on the red carpet, I totally spend time dreaming of seeing myself in dresses like these.

The not-so-little black dress (in size and price, both) would be the¬†perfect addition to my closet. I mean, don’t we all love black? What I’m totally digging about this one is the whole mesh feel that provides a sexy peek-a-boo effect. It’s sultry with just the right amount of revelation.

I totally see myself rocking this sexy number to a date-night or for a fun night out with my girls. With a versatile dress like this, I could pull off either a grunge-girl on-the-go look or an Audrey Hepburn-Tiffany chic one.

Of course, it’s a tad pricey, but who doesn’t lust a lil luxe?

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