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Workout Tights That Are Under Rs 1000 And Ensure Everyone At The Gym Doesn’t See Your Chaddis

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Earlier this week, I went to the gym for the first time in six months. Yeah,  I surprised myself. I started doing my warm up exercises you know the usual a little cardio, stretching etc etc. I was already struggling, it reminded of why I never end up going, lol. During all my misery, I saw someone walk in. She had abs and completely toned calves, basically she looked like a total gym freak, someone who could give you major fitness insecurities. Basically, you keep wondering why women like her are at the gym and promise yourself that the diet, this time definitively, will start on Monday.

You know what ruins a good day at the gym though? An outfit that doesn’t work. I saw a lot of women in wrong gym wear that day and that got me thinking. Women need quality gym wear that holds everything up and ensures you don’t end up accidentally flashing people.  They say correct clothes can give you all the motivation you need to workout. But shopping for them can be super complicated so to make it simpler we have complied a list of five tights that are opaque, classy but with a funky twist and well within your budget. Enjoy!

These tie dye tights can be your go-to work out wear. They are soft, stretchable and you can be sure to be as comfortable you need to be while working out. The best part? You don’t need to worry constantly about your chaddi’s peeking through. All the judgy looks you’ll get will only be because how sexy the tights look. At an affordable price of Rs 631 they are a must buy.

Bored of the cliche black and grey tights but still consider them the perfect gym wear? Try these colour-block tights. They’re a classic with a twist and we are totally digging them. You can be sure to be comfortable while nailing your work out.

Love grey but never found the correct pair of tights?  Don’t worry that is a very common problem. Forget all that because we have for you here a classic pair of grey tights that you can wear while jogging, gymming or even just casually. These tights paired with a plain white tee and sneakers will give you the perfect gym look. Yep its that simple. Check them out!

If you go to the gym regularly or even just for a jog, there is something your wardrobe must have – good quality classic black tights. Let’s face it we always come running back to basics. You can literally never go wrong with these since they will pair really well with any basic tee or even just a sports bra, hoodie and sneakers. It’s affordable and you can be sure you wont be showing people what they don’t need to see. Coming from HRX, they are at real bargain.

Need motivation to train for a smashing summer bod? these tropical printed tights will be your best friend. Funky, comfortable and affordable, what more do you need? Pair these with a basic t-shit and sneakers and you will have heads turning your way.

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