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We Found Out What Priyanka Chopra Eats In A Day To Look As Fabulous As She Does And You Can Make It At Home!

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Ever since Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas made their relationship public, there isn’t a day when #NickYanka aren’t making headlines. Whether it was the 300 million wedding receptions they had, or their expressive, or shall I say excessive PDA, the couple cannot breathe without it turning it into a headline. But, I’ll be a hypocrite if I say I don’t lap up every article I see, I’d probably kill to be a fly on their wall and report their activities to the world and that brings you to your daily fix of #NickYanka gossip.

In a recent Buzzfeed video, we saw Nick Jonas’ personal chef, Sam Udell create a set of meals for a lucky producer.  The video was laced with the delicious food shots Buzzfeed is known for and chef Sam brought her A-game. While she prepped delicious, healthy meals that her clients would eat Chef Sam mentioned that Priyanka Chopra eats a chicken salad or grain bowl every day.

The salad is so popular Chef Sam even dubbed it the Priyanka salad. Here’s what’s in it: kale, nuts, fruit, fennel, carrot and chicken. Hmm, that sounds almost delicious and easily recreatable at home. From the image, it kind of looked like the salad also had radish, avocado, nigella seeds, grapefruit, orange segments and something that looks suspiciously like chikoo?

Having a salad every day definitely sounds like our definition of boring and we don’t think Priyanka would like that, so the team changes things up by using different types of lettuce. I personally don’t know how that makes a difference, but I don’t eat salads. *shrugs*

Yup, if you want a body like the desi girl, you gotta eat leaves. Every. Single. Day. I’ll give you a second to let that sink in. Till then you can watch the video.


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