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THIS One Habit Could Help You Get More Out Of Your Morning Run!

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Meditation and running have been trending on the fitness charts all over the world for a while now. While running seems to be a great way to break a sweat, and meditation is the perfect solution to calm your racing mind, what would happen if you combined the two? Well,  you get mindful running.

If you were to look up meditation you would probably find someone sitting on the beach with their legs crossed, hands on their knees, and eyes closed. Reality is that meditation can be done in any way and form you choose. This is where ‘mindful running’ comes into the picture.

While running I’m mostly thinking about my next meal, and while meditating, well yeah, same thoughts again! The challenge here is to tame your mind while simultaneously training your body. It is the practice of feeling aware of the present experience of running, free from judgement, self-consciousness or self-doubt.

So, how do you do it?

1. Run in sync with your breath

Take a deep breath in, which will calm your nerves and reduce muscle tension, and count the number of steps you can take before you are ready to exhale. Maintain a consistent pattern, and keep your breath and steps in sync.

2. Watch your steps

Listen to each step that hits the ground, and try to make the least amount of sound, which will lead to reduction in wasted effort, and low impact on joints.

3. Count your breath

Count every breath in your head in order to avoid entertaining random thoughts. If a random thought does come into your head, let it go, and then get right back to counting.

It is just as easy as it sounds, but it does require training your mind.

The benefits of mindful running

  • First and foremost, it will help you stay fit, ’cause duh… running!
  • Mentally, it will help you get rid of stress, elevate your mood, refresh your mind, raise your confidence, reduce stress hormones, and increase happy hormones! So, yay!
  • Most importantly, it will give you the gift of silence, on any busy day.

Let us know in the comments below, if you are pumped to try out this way of running.


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