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We Abandoned Our T-shirts To Run In Sports Bras This Weekend And It Was Liberating!

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Weekends are usually for pigging out and sleeping it out like a sloth. We roll out of bed, when it’s almost noon. You head to the couch, catch up on your favourite shows, and then remain in the blissful state alternating between cleaning crumbs off the couch and sleep. But this past weekend, Nike made us move and while we were dragging our feet in the beginning, we are super glad we made our way to this fantastic event.

A 3k run was organised by the popular activewear brand Nike and, as it turned out, it was pretty cool. And no, not because they got us to run, which we are thankful for because we have been knocking back pizza like it’s going out of fashion, but because it was just so inspiring. We were at the starting line just after the scorching Bombay sun got softer but it wasn’t only the run that had us all excited. It was that this event was attended by over 2,200 women, and most of us were in our sports bras!

Before we came in contact with Nike’s campaign, the idea of running in our sports bra was alien to us. The looks and stares we got every time we ventured out, bouncing boobs et al, was enough to keep us off the streets for very long. But when you have a group of women, abandoning t-shirts with a passion, you lose your inhibitions as well and that’s exactly what happened.

The event was supplemented with a bunch of other fun activities as well. From a cricket rig to a literal football goal set up, all of us could try things that would get our heart racing. One of our major highlights of the day were the dance sessions that got everyone moving. It was like being in a huge open club with just your girls and grooving to some tunes.

Walking around Jio Garden, we noticed how dynamic the crowd that collected was. Women of all shapes and sizes who came together to celebrate body image and fitness were inspiring. Also gracing the event were pro athletes Joshna Chinappa and Sunil Chhetri (who btw, so cute *fans self dramatically*).

The end to the day saw singer Anushka Manchanda belting out some of her top hits. As a woman in my mid-20s, these tunes were pure nostalgia.

Here’s hoping more brands come up with such interactive events, shall we?


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