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Want Toned Arms To Wear A Sleeveless Blouse? 5 Ways To Get Rid Of All That Flab By Doing Household Chores

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Weddings are a crazy time. It isn’t the wedding per se but every day leading upto it that can practically kill you. Naturally, the main reason for that is all the shopping that goes into it. I mean, we all want to bring our fashion A-games to the wedding, right? While we wouldn’t settle on anything that looks tacky, we have to wear something that suits us. Especially when it comes to blouses or cholis. And more often than not, we find a gorgeous choli that we’d love but can’t wear it because it makes our arms look chubby. But then again, during wedding preparations where is the time to work out? What if I told you, you didn’t have to compromise or even actually exercise at all to tone your arms right up? Yep, all you need to is a few household chores every day and you are good to go. Read on to know which chores will help your arms look the sexiest in those stylish cholis!

  1. Vacuuming

Vacuuming or even mopping the floors will not only have your floors sparkling but it is also great cardio workout for your arms. Even if you do it for 20 minutes, three times a week, your arms will look toned. So, give your maid the day off and get vacuuming. You will burn around 100 calories in about 30 minutes.

  1. Washing the Dishes

Anyone who has ever done the dishes knows that it really puts a strain on your biceps. That is a good strain, since washing the dishes every day will tone out your upper arms completely getting rid of that extra adipose tissue. So, when the wedding approaches and you want to look stunning in that sleeveless choli you can tell people it is because of washing dishes every day, lol.

  1. Running

Everyone knows running is the best cardio exercise ever, but did you know it isn’t just great for the legs? Yep, next time you go running or power walking be sure to move your arms to match the pace of your legs. You can also do a few slow arm circles in each direction to open up your shoulder and upper arm muscles. Even if you do this every alternate day, your arms will be all toned up and ready for that sexy sleeveless blouse!

4. Carry Groceries

If you carry grocery bags in each arm and for long periods of time, it will improve the muscle strength of your arms. They act as weights, especially when they are filled with ground produce. When you get home from the supermarket, carry one in each hand and lift them with your elbows close to your sides. This will completely work out your biceps, making them look all muscly!

Painting a room

Need a repaint before the wedding? Instead of hiring a bunch of painters to do the job why not do it yourself? You will not only save onto that extra cash but painting your walls is also a great form of an arm workout. By moving that paint roller up and down your walls you are essentially strengthening your muscles, giving them a toned look. Once you’re done with one room, move on to another. This way by the wedding approaches, your arms will look all sexy in the choli you wanted to wear! In fact, if you manage to pack all this in, you might have muscles in your back as well.

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