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Trying To Get Pregnant? This Is The Pre-Pregnancy Health Guide You Need

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Having a baby is a pretty big life decision. So, if you’ve managed to decide that it’s something you really want, good for you! Now for the next step. no, we’re not talking about getting preggers, but rather making sure your body is actually ready for this. Taking care of your health should be a priority long before you conceive. It affects your fertility and chances of conception, as well as the nutrition and development of the baby in your womb.

So where do you begin? From daily exercise and supplements to sex habits, here’s a health guide to help you get ready for pregnancy.

1. Start a multivitamin containing folic acid

Pregnancy affects the body’s nutritional levels adversely. Prenatal vitamins are a must during the pregnancy, so starting them before you get pregnant will help you avoid any nutritional deficiencies. Add an extra folic acid or folate supplement to prevent neural tube defects during early pregnancy.

2. Stop Birth Control

Discontinue any form of birth control, cause duh! After you stop it, you can get pregnant right away or it may even take a few weeks.


3. Visit the Dentist

While you’re getting all your checkups, it’s best to stop in to have your teeth looked at, too. During pregnancy, the hormones in your body may affect your gums and teeth. Good brushing habits before pregnancy can help ward off pregnancy gingivitis and cavities.

4. Get a full body check-up.

You may feel fit, but it doesn’t hurt to run the basic blood test to determine your cholesterol, sugar and vitamin levels. A lot of Indian women are anaemic and have low Vitamin D3 levels. Knowing this earlier on will help you take corrective measures if need be, even before you conceive.

5. Eat Right

Remove unhealthy, calorie-rich foods from your diet and replace them with nutritious foods. The healthier you are physically before pregnancy, the better the environment to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Eat organic, hormone-free, GMO-free, and whole foods over anything processed.

6. Track Your Cycle

Get to know your menstrual cycle better. Take advantage of the days when you’re most fertile, it will help you get preggers faster! If you know exactly when you are supposed to get your period, it will help you notice if things are not on track.

7. Quit Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs

Alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes can adversely affect fertility when you are trying to get pregnant. It is a good idea to stop avoid these things since it can put your baby at risk even when you are pregnant.

8. Exercise or Do Yoga

Indulge in a workout at least 4 to 5 times a week for 30 minutes. Include poses like the butterfly, reclining bound angle pose, open-legged forward bend and hip circles in order to relax the reproductive organs.

9. Get caught up with all the vaccinations

If you haven’t had your vaccinations like tetanus, rubella and so on, then this would be the perfect time to do so. It will keep you and your baby healthy and protected.

10. Have Sex

Have sex more often, and most importantly make it fun. Sex shouldn’t be a chore! After all, sex is what will get you pregnant.


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