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Stressed Before The Wedding? Here Are 5 Foods That Can Reduce Anxiety Levels And Calm You Down

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It isn’t exactly a secret that weddings can bring out the worst in us, especially if we are the ones getting married. Bridezilla is a real thing, okay? Weddings are stressful and can cause our anxiety levels to spike. It isn’t only the thought of leaving home and walking into a whole new life. Of course, getting cold feet is a very real thing! The preparations and meticulous planning take a toll on your mental health too. Let’s just agree, if there ever a time in life that remaining absolutely calm and not turning into bridezilla would help it would be now. So, to help you do that, we have rounded some handy things you eat on-the-go to keep your cool. Check it out!

Dark Chocolate

Agreed, dark chocolate is an acquired taste. While you might not like the bitter flavour, trust me when I say that it works like magic to reduce your anxiety levels. When you are sitting by yourself just days before you are going to tie the knot, anxiety is bound to hit. That is when you should keep a few pieces of dark chocolate handy. They improve the blood flow to the brain and help you to adapt to stressful situations. Besides, they will not break the diet train you have been on either!

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Remember all those times experts advised people to drink chamomile tea to cope with anxiety? Yeah, they weren’t lying. Chamomile is a herb that significantly reduces the symptoms of anxiety and also pacifies you. So, before you think of downing three pegs of vodka to calm your nerves, try having a cup of chamomile tea. You will feel soothed and happy to be stepping into this new chapter of your life.


Bananas really are a superfood. If you are experiencing symptoms of stress before your wedding, go bananas for bananas. It could be in form- the whole fruit, a smoothie or even a banana milkshake- all of it works wonders. They contain B-Vitamins that are the key in the production of serotonin (the happy chemical) which can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels.


Probiotic yogurt contains good bacteria that can greatly improve your mental well being by helping you cope. A cup of probiotic yogurt is something you might want to add to your daily diet. It is healthy and has a positive effect on your brain by reducing anxiety levels. Start having a cup of yogurt on a daily basis a month before your wedding and you notice that as the day comes closer, the cold feet are bound to get manageable.

Pro tip: Not all yogurt contains probiotics. A non-probiotic will not help you quite as much as a probiotic yogurt will.

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Are we trying to improve memory? Why are almonds here? Well, they do way more than just simply increase our concentration levels. They are packed with vitamin B2, vitamin E, magnesium and zinc. Yep, that is a whole load of nutrients right there, probably should’ve listened to mom when she was asking you to have 5 almonds a day. Anyway, you know that feeling right before your wedding when you imagine all the things that could go wrong? That is the moment you need almonds. Vitamin B2 and magnesium produce serotonin that crushers stress and anxiety. Zinc helps to fight some of the negative effects of stress and vitamin E is an antioxidant that kills the bacteria causing the brain to exhibit stress and anxiety-like symptoms. 5 almonds that is all you need to feel much better in no time!

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