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South Indian Superstar Samantha Prabhu Is Serving Up Some Major Fitness Goals!

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Samantha Prabhu, a South Indian superstar is giving us fitness goals, and she’s serving them up one insta story at a time. We’re already putting down the ice-cream tubs we have in our hands.


Her recent stories, uploaded on her Instagram account @samantharuthprabhuoffl, are rather inspiring videos of her intense workout regime where we can see her doing hip thrusts and lunges with 70-50kgs weight on her, unflinchingly. While we groan when we have to pick up an box of makeup from the floor.

She’s one the most popular Instagram stars and her stories remind us that discipline and a will to get fit are all that we need to get our body into the best shape. Clearly, it’s working for her. After stalking her for a while (can you really blame us?), you can see how she’s always been so consistent and hardworking at the gym.


So for everyone who finds it difficult to even get out of bed on a weekday, her stories might just give you the push you need, not just to get up but to hit the gym!


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