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Those Gorgeous Cannes Gowns Require Intense Workouts. Sonam’s Trainer Spills The Secrets

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The Cannes Film Festival is here and our Bollywood ladies are ready to sashay down the red carpet in style. Before they do that though, there’s plenty of work that needs to put in. Hours of figuring out what to wear with their stylists, what makeup looks will work and all of that. But what we can often forget is that turning up with that waist cinched, the arms toned and that jawline sharp requires hours of work at the gym. Of course, the stars look like they never are in sniffing distance of a french fry but it gets even more intense before a red carpet event.

How do we know? Sonam’s trainer and nutritionist Radhika Karle has worked with her for eight years and knows exactly what goes into making Sonam ready carpet ready. The actress always travels with her trainer to Cannes and gives her a heads up of what kind of styles she would want to wear next. Radhika has decided to spill the tea on the preps and we are taking notes.

While it sounds all sorts of boring, pre-event preps mean that Sonam embarks on a very light and vegetarian dietary regime. I can almost imagine her stuffing broccoli florets and the mere imagery makes me want to stuff my face with pizza. The days leading up to Cannes also has her drinking a lot of fluids like water, coconut water and a concoction of a broken down protein. The actress will also be eating a lot of home food like sabzi, dal and rice. For mid-meal snacks, she prefers a Keto coffee or chocolate, much  to the chagrin of her trainer.

We have known for a while that Sonam is a pilates fiend which is what she chose for her Cannes prep as well. Radhika has designed workouts to accommodate her outfits with high slits and backless designs. The back fat needs to be next to zero (isn’t it already?) and the legs toned AF. Sonam works out in her home gym. Yes, it’s fully equipped.

Speaking about her general fitness routine, Radhika revealed that Sonam is sweating it out on the daily. Her workout is split in to two brackets throughout the day. Pilates in the mornings and weight training in the evenings. Radhika makes sure Sonam puts in some cardio also. Just reading that tired us out a little bit.

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Sonam likes to keep fit but being a foodie, she hates compromising on good food. She is an advocate of moderation. She tries to strike a balance by sneaking in a cheat meal and then gets back on the diet. Sonam used to be an avid fan of french fries but has replaced it with Keto alternatives instead.

Radhika also let us in on some of her usual nutritional plans. While aerated drinks are a big no-no for the actress, the occasional vegetable sticks with a hummus dip are acceptable. Sonam’s food diet is made up of three square meals.

Breakfast: The actress keeps her breakfast dynamic. A gluten-free toast with some avocado, berries and cottage cheese is a constant. For lunch, Sonam tucks into some home food. It’s a mix of sabzi, dal, rice and a summer salad. The actress sneaks in a quick snack of avocado toast or an open-faced vegetable sandwich when there is a heavy workout involved.

Sonam prefers an early dinner before sunset (How?!). She relies on home food for dinner as well, with a vegetable soup replacing the salad.

The Cannes film festival is also going to see a lot of other fashionable celebs who are also busy torching calories at the gym.

We have Deepika Padukone in a fresh-faced avatar. Her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala revealed that Deepika’s goal this year is to present a lean and toned frame. She is working towards that goal by working with pilates and trampoline.

Kangana Ranaut doing some splits!

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And Diana Penty working on a bowl of whipped cream. *wink*


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