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Shilpa Shetty Kundra Turned Down A Rs 10 Crore Endorsement Deal For Diet Pills. Eat Right, She Says And We Agree!

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Someone somewhere in a marketing pitch meeting is about to get fired! There actually exists a brand out there who offered a diet pills endorsement deal to the ridiculously fit Shilpa Shetty Kundra and got shut down spectacularly. According to reports, the Ayurvedic brand approached the actress for an exclusive collaboration to be featured in their advertisements and be the face of the product. Given the fact that Shilpa is a fitness role model for millions of Indians because of her message of a healthy and wholesome lifestyle…we are not surprised by the rejection. The actress has spoken extensively on the importance of taking care of one’s body naturally, incorporating Yoga and leading a happy and fulfilled life. So obviously, we are wondering in what world did the people behind the brand even hope she would ever get on board? Dear marketing person, you had one job!

Talking to a publication about being approached by the brand, Shilpa used the opportunity to shed light on the issue of abusing diet pills and it needed to be talked about.

Talking on the topic, Shilpa said, “I can’t sell something that I don’t believe in. Slimming pills and fad diets can be tempting since they promise instant results, but nothing beats the sense of pride of being committed to your routine and eating right. Lifestyle modification works so much better in the long term.”

Most diet pills work by speeding up the body’s natural metabolism process and suppressing the appetite. While this might seem like a viable option to lose weight instantly, they mess up one’s body quite a bit. Diet pills are the most abused medication out there, with a history of people getting addicted to them. They are also not regulated by the FDA, which means they can have long-lasting side effects attached to their use. The fact that a big name, like Shilpa, in the fitness sphere is openly denouncing them is a welcome move. One that we wish to see more often!

A quick scroll through Shilpa’s Instagram will tell us that she does not mess with crash diets. The woman is a bigger dessert hound than us and that’s saying something! According to a close source, “She was being offered Rs. 10 crore for the consolidated advertising campaign. But she has always been clear about adopting the healthy route to fitness. A strict yoga practitioner and a firm believer in the concept of eating right, she has, time and again, cautioned youngsters to not fall for fad diets or unnatural substitutes for weight loss. It was a no-brainer for her to let the deal pass.” You tell ’em, Shilpa!

The actress has been an ardent advocate of healthy living and clean eating. She lives by the mantra of ‘you don’t have to eat less, you just to eat right”! Shilpa has also reinvented at-home Yoga with her instructional DVDs that are easily available to buy. At 44, the actress is in the best shape of her life, all thanks to holistic living. We wish Shilpa’s move sets an example for celebrities and influencers to choose endorsements responsibly. Especially when it comes to products that claim to “improve” outer appearances of women. If we have enough people saying no to these ad campaigns, we might just witness change!

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On the work front, Shilpa Shetty Kundra is all set to make a comeback on the big screen in Sabbir Khan directed, Nikamma. She made the announcement on her social media page and said, “Yesssssssss, it’s true! My sabbatical of 13 long years comes to an end.. I am so excited to announce that the film you will see me next in is #Nikamma, directed by @sabbir24x7 (cast still being finalised) featuring these amazing and talented actors @abhimanyud @shirleysetia @sonypicturesin. Need all your blessings and Thank you for all the love always (sic)”. We are excited!

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