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Malaika Arora Doesn’t Diet And Has No Cheat Days. So How Does She Look That Fab? We Have The Deets

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I spend an inordinate amount of time on Google looking up the various aspects of fitness. And I have a working hypothesis that says that being fit is only part of the story. It all begins with the motivation you have. If you aren’t motivated, you get lazy if you get lazy then obviously you aren’t working on being healthy. So, the main question is, what drives us to that motivation? If someone asked me that the first answer that would pop in my head would be- celebrities. Thanks, to their social media, we get to go deep into their fitness regimes. And you know those are effective since, well, have you seen their bodies?

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Undeniably, one such hottie is Malaika Arora. She is not only a fitness freak but is also does what she wants without worrying about what anyone is going to think of her. On a regular basis, her Instagram is flooded with pictures of her performing Pilates or doing complex Yoga poses or just going to the gym to lift some weights. Looking at her being perfectly toned, it makes you wish you knew all the fitness rules she follows, doesn’t it? Well, thankfully for her us, she does share!

The 46-year-old actress (who doesn’t look a day over 35 btw!) says that there are two things that help her maintain a fit body and a youthful glow.

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Firstly, Malaika says that not starving her body helps. According to her and contrary to popular belief starving your body does not lead to faster weight loss nor does it burn calories faster. Also, she believes that one does not need to stay on a strict diet to be fit. Talking about her own fitness regime she says, “I don’t follow a strict diet but a flexible one. I don’t think anyone should follow a strict diet ever.” She further adds, “Also, I don’t believe in the concept of having cheat days. Being flexible allows me to have whatever I want to have but, of course, I watch what I am eating.” She is absolutely right, so if you are depriving yourself of food in the hope that it will get you to your ideal weight faster, you’re probably doing it wrong. Change your patterns!

Secondly, she says that it is important to be disciplined. When she was asked whether she believes in binge-eating she said, “It’s obvious. Discipline is important. Living a healthy lifestyle is important. Having a routine and following it helps one in the longer run.” Discipline really is the first rule, there is no point in working out for a day and then just dropping it. Perseverance and discipline will get you to your goal faster!

We must adhere to Maliaka’s rules for she really knows what she is talking about. She and her sister Amrita Arora both stress on having a healthy daily routine. So put those fries down, they’ve never been part of a healthy routine.

Malaika, accompanied by her sister was recently spotted at the Global Spa awards 2019 looking absolutely ravishing in a red gown.

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