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Katrina Kaif Stopped Pumping Weights For Her Look In Bharat But She Still Looks Fab!

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The festival of Eid is about friends, family and celebration. For the past few years, it is has also become synonymous with the release of a Salman Khan movie. This year, it’s Bharat and it has already seen quite a lot of buzz for its trailer and song releases. While it is too early to say anything about the film, there is one aspect we are already impressed with- Katrina Kaif’s visibly fuller and softer figure. Of course, the words conjure up images of a rotund Katrina but you’d be surprised. While she looks, softer, she certainly doesn’t look unfit. Which is exciting because how do you even do that?

The actress went through a considerable change in lifestyle when she took up the role of  Kumud, the character she plays in the movie. The usually toned and buff Katrina, opted for yoga and stretching to soften her gym-toned body. “[Kumud] works at a hot, sweaty employment exchange in Delhi. So, I had to display the mindset of a single woman battling it out in a man’s world back then. For the 20 days of the schedule, I behaved like Kumud,” she said in an interview.

We are already aware of the multifold benefits yoga affords our body. With daily stretching thrown in the mix, the actress managed to acquire gentler features without having to let herself go completely. She confessed, “I didn’t run to the gym after pack up to pump iron or even begin to get out of character. Even after pack-up, I lived in this bubble; sticking to the way Kumud talks, keeping her attitude in mind.” We love her dedication towards paying the character and her transformation looks go good.

It might be a while we see Kat’s envious abs again and that’s okay! *stuffs face with fries*

Meanwhile, if you don’t know what we are talking about, here’s the trailer of the movie.


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