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Katrina Kaif’s Fitness Routine Is The Answer To Looking Super Hot In Your 30s

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When Katrina Kaif first entered Bollywood, she wasn’t exactly at her best. Her Hindi was poor, her fitness levels weren’t on point, and her acting skills… well, they were questionable. Cut to the present where we’re going to hear her speak shuddh Hindi in Bharat, she’s sporting a super toned physique, and her dancing and acting chops have earned her a slot among the top 10 actresses in the country. Talking of how fit she is, Katrina first wowed us with her washboard abs in the dance number Sheila ki Jawaani. The actress is now a fitness fanatic of sorts and her sexy curves are proof of it. Apparently, Kat also plays fitness trainer for some of her celebrity friends too. Now that’s the kind of friend we all need!

At 35, Katrina Kaif’s fitness routine involves a strict diet and regular workouts. She’s been consistent with it for the last 8 years and her determination and commitment has definitely paid off! Katrina has set the bar high with her blockbuster movies, fitness regimen, dance and other performances. But for today, we’re taking a sneak peek into her fitness routine.

Katrina Kaif’s workout regime

Anyone would kill for a body like Katrina Kaif’s! But it doesn’t come easy. She literally takes on any challenge thrown at her by her fitness trainer and is committed to working out 1 to 3 hours a day, seven days a week. The actress usually tweaks her fitness routine to match her film demands. Before beginning work on each movie, Katrina sits with her trainer to create a new workout schedule.

“Katrina is one of the most interesting people to work with because she expects a new workout every time she walks in to the gym. The workout should meet what her goals are, it should meet her fitness levels and it should meet strengthening the parts that are weak,” said Yasmin Karachiwala, Katrina’s trainer. In the beginning of her career, Katrina would only do yoga and regular weight training but it was Yasmin who incorporated functional to her routine. Katrina’s workout is a high mix of intensive training which includes squats, lunges to push-ups, dance and pilates. Her routine is designed with the goal of increasing her strength and flexibility.

Katrina Kaif’s diet plan

The talented actress is extremely disciplined and particular about her diet. She ensures she consumes the right food in right proportion. “Sugar, wheat, milk, fried food and alcohol are avoided in her food plan. She eats whole foods that are nutritious; they keep her lean and her skin glowing! Preserved packaged food is also something that she keeps away from,” said Yasmin Karachiwala.

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Katrina Kaif’s Bollywood journey

The talented actresses debut film Boom (2003) failed to make its mark at the box office. Earlier on, the audience had mixed reviews on her acting skills, but eventually she managed to find herself quite a fan following! Katrina Kaif was a part of many blockbuster movies and is currently promoting her upcoming film Bharat alongside Salman Khan. In an interview, Katrina shared her experience in the industry and said, “I feel very fortunate that I have experienced so many beautiful things in all these years. I have seen ups, downs, the worst times and the highest of times. I just feel fortunate for everything I have gone through.”

Katrina Kaif is definitely the inspiration you need to kickstart your fitness journey. She is also stepping into the beauty business this October, and we can’t wait for her new beauty label to hit the stores!


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