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Jacqueline Fernandez’s Fitness Routine Is A Mix Of Everything And It’s Inspiring Us

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Every time we see an actress on screen in a bikini, we are like, ‘OMG, how hot does she look?’ and then immediately, we switch gears and we are like ‘HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO GET A BODY LIKE THAT?’ Then, obviously, we stalk their Instagram. We see them giving it all at the gym, eating healthy with smoothie bowls and the like and are like, okay, wow.

But Jacqueline Fernandez hasn’t got that body that’s swoon-worthy from all the hours at the gym. That’s because here’s a woman who likes to experiment and we love how she will try everything from belly dancing to cartwheels to strengthen her core and give her the shape that has us drooling.

Like here when she tried out boxing as a workout to ‘feel strong and empowered’. She really does look like she can kick some butt. And that skin! You need to have really put in some hours at the gym, sweating it out to look that flushed and strong.

Not content with landing some cool punches, she’s also learning to cartwheel and we love how unassuming she is. She also offers up some serious tips on how to nail a move like that but we assume we are going to need more help than ‘keep breathing’ to actually get a cartwheel right.

Jacqueline also tried her hand at ballet. She’s all grace and charm and find that endearing.

And of course, she was the one who made pole dancing look like a breeze. Which honestly, it is not. It is anything but. It requires a tremendous amount of strength and we don’t think we would be able to manage.


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