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If You Walk Home With Your Heels In Your Hands, Here Are 5 Ways To Get Rid Of The Soreness In Your Feet

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As much as we love our partying ways, no one likes paying the price for it. No, I don’t mean picking up the bill at the end of the night, I mean the metaphorical price that we pay the next day. The horrible hangover, the lethargy, and exhaustion that comes with staying up all night and of course the unbearable foot pain from prancing around in those heels. We have all cursed ourselves for making the stupid decision to dance in heels. I can’t begin to count how many nights I have come home with my heels in my hands because I couldn’t bear to walk in them anymore. The next day is worse, you are limping around your house with swollen feet. For a long time, I thought I just to suffer through the pain. That is until I realized that there are things you can do to reduce the pain, if not get rid of it completely. Take a look:

Soak your feet

Soaking your feet in a bucket of warm water is one of the small pleasures in life. It is also one of the most effective methods of dealing with painful feet hangover. All you have to do is fill a bucket with warm water and add Epsom salt to it (normal salt works too). After you have your water ready, dip your feet in for like half an hour and enjoy. Once you are done, you will come to the realization that even if your feet haven’t completely stopped hurting, you aren’t limping around anymore.

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Take a break

Probably the obvious solution of all, but it is often the most obvious things in life that don’t strike us. If you have worn the heels for a long hard night of constant jumping, dancing and running around, do not wear any form of heels for the next two days. It is okay if people finally know how tall you really are, wear belles or plain old flip flops. Jokes apart, there are reports that show that wearing heels for too long can cause muscle and ligament strains. So, to avoid that, give your legs a break.

Get a foot massage

Ah, it doesn’t get better than this. You don’t even have to spend like Rs 5,000 to get a foot massage, you can do it yourself. Sit on a comfortable chair and knead your ankle and the bottom of your feet well. Don’t forget to massage your toes as well. Make sure you use a moisturizer or oil to make it easier for you. Products like a foot roller will also relieve the soreness in your feet.

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Do foot and ankle exercises

I know that along with your feet hurting, you are also probably crazily hungover. But this is important if you don’t want any further damage to your feet and if you want to get rid of the soreness. Simple foot exercises and yoga will help increase blood circulation, reducing the pain. One that I’ve found effective is to move your foot left, right, upwards, downwards and in circles. You can also try doing a few yoga poses like the Tree Asana that will increase blood circulation in your foot.

Ice your feet

Icing your feet will cause a reduction in the inflammation that causes soreness. Do this right after you soak your feet in warm water to get the best results. An easier way to ice your feet is if you freeze a bottle of water and roll it up and down your feet. Do this for 5-15 minutes and your feet won’t hurt as much anymore.

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