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10 Steps To Quitting Fizzy Drinks For Good!

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We all know fizzy drinks like Coke, Fanta and Sprite are full of sugar, and extremely bad for our bodies. But when you’re parched or simply want to wash down your pizza, they seem like the perfect companions. So how do you get yourself to quit? There are enough reasons to do so, from wanting to drop those pounds, to curbing your sugar intake and even saving money. The question is how do you do it.

Well, here’s a 10-step plan to help you say no to drinking soda for good.

1. Identify why you want to quit

First things first, set a goal, whether it is to lose weight or save money. Find a good enough reason to quit drinking soda; it will help you stay motivated till you stop completely.


2. Keep yourself hydrated

You often grab a can of soda in order to quench your thirst, but little do you know that the sodium content in these beverages make us all the more dehydrated. Hence, defeating the purpose. Choose cold water instead, or infused water to make it more palatable.

3. Don’t go cold turkey

Don’t drastically stop the consumption of soda, because you will definitely suffer withdrawal symptoms. Set aside a cheat day, once a week or once a month, based on your addiction level in order to reduce your intake little by little.


4. Save it for special occasions

Whether it is a birthday party or a festive holiday, keep the indulgence occasional. Don’t make a norm of it, but keep it for those special days where you can have it without any guilt.

5. Track your servings per week

Keep a track on the amount of soda you have per week or per month, and try to beat that! Reduce the amount you have over a period of time, till you reach NIL.


6. Dilute it!

Instead of filling the soda all the way to the brim, fill your glass with ice first and then pour it in. This way you are limiting the quantity to probably half a glass full.

7. Change your mindset

Obviously the perfect pairing with a good slice of pizza (or any carbs) is soda, but create a habit of having these carb-heavy foods with flavoured water or iced tea, so that you don’t need soda to wash it down.


8. Keep a track of your trigger points

Do you drink soda because everyone else around you drinks it or because it’s more accessible than a glass of water? Notice these trigger points, and try to avoid them as much as you can.

9. Don’t keep a stock of soda at home

The best way to avoid it is to ensure that it is not easily accessible. Make it a rule to not bring soda into your house and stack your pantry up with healthier options of beverages.


10. Find a healthy fizzy drink

Kombucha is becoming quite popular at restaurants thanks to its taste and fizziness. It’s the perfect substitute for soda. If you don’t have access to it, just add a bit of sugar-free soda to a yummy juice. A win-win!

P.S. An amateur like me, got hooked onto Gin & Tonic as a preferred “healthy” drink at a bar, but little did I know that tonic water has the same amount of sugar as a Coca-Cola or Sprite, since the sugar is used to mask the bitterness.

If your friends or family drink soda, send this article to them. Help your loved ones stay healthy and strong!


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