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7 Foods To Ease That Acidity Instantly

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You know you have had a great night when you wake up hungover, frantically going through your texts hoping you haven’t messaged an ex, and mostly with acidity. But it might happen when you eat a spectacularly spicy meal or fall asleep on the couch right after a meal. Acidity is what you get for having too much fun, from the looks of it.

According to the experts, acidity is the heartburn felt around the lower chest area due to the acid reflux that hits the food pipe. Doubling over on a couch isn’t going to help, but these tips definitely will.

1. Cold milk

This has go-to be my go-to trick every time I feel the heart burn. Just walk over to your fridge to get a cold glass of milk, gulp it down, and that’s it! The calcium in the milk helps to maintain the Ph balance and absorbs the excess acid. Your heart burn will go away instantly.Burp.


2. Buttermilk

If milk is not your thing, then grab a big glass of butter milk since it is a great antidote to acidity! Butter milk contains lactic acid that neutralizes the acidity in the stomach. This is why a great Punjabi meal consisting of spicy veggies and butter naans is always followed up by a big glass of buttermilk.


3. Raw almonds

Almonds are known to be a natural remedy for ulcers and heartburn. They are rich in oils which neutralizes the acid in the stomach. So, the next time you are feeling the heartburn pop in a few almonds instead of popping pills to ease the pain.


4. Bananas

Bananas have a high fibre content which is great for digestion and it increases the production of mucus in the stomach which prevents excess acid formation. A ripe banana is a perfect antidote for acidity/heartburn, so go bananas for this fruit to ease the pain.


5. Garlic

It seems to be pretty ironic that garlic can help prevent acidity since it is always found in spicy foods. Garlic is packed with antioxidants and it can prevent indigestion and acidity. Don’t go ham with garlic though, just a clove or two is more than enough since a lot of garlic can lead to heartburn. Also, it is strongly recommended that you do not kiss any one after this.


6. Fennel Seeds

Ever wondered why they offer sauf after a big, fat Indian meal? Fennel seeds are loaded with dietary fibres that help with the process of good digestion. It contains anti-ulcer properties that cool the stomach lining and relieves constipation. So chew a few fennel seeds to reduce the acidity or soak them in water overnight and drink it up.


7. Ginger

When suffering from heart burn/acidity, have a cup of warm water with ginger, lemon and honey for a perfect solution. Ginger has the properties to destroy the acidity-triggering bacteria, it can calm stomach muscles, and decrease inflammation.

Besides the foods here are several things you can do in order to avoid getting acidity in the first place:

  1. Sleep on your left side since this position will prevent the acids from entering the food pipe.
  2. Chew your food properly so that it can reach the stomach in a more digestible form.
  3. Drink a lot of water to naturalize the acid and flush out the excess.
  4. Chew gum since it stimulates the flow of saliva which keeps the acid levels down and balances your pH levels.
  5. Avoid wearing tight clothing in order to allow your food to have an easy passage for digestion.

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