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How To Avoid Punching Someone When You’re PMSing!

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PMS is unfairly the butt of many jokes. I mean, what’s funny about a woman who’s emotional, breaks into tears at practically anything and will breathe fire if you dare upset her? But hey, it is real, and for the women who do experience it, it can be extremely difficult. The cramping, the bloating, the lethargy, and of course, the awful mood! It’s quite a lot to handle. But, it doesn’t have to be the end of your tether (read: the peace in your relationships). You can do things to stay calm even as your uterus is churning inside. Here’s a starter kit:

Talk about it!

If you have mood swings thanks to your hormones, talk about it with your loved ones so they can be patient and understanding. And can stay away from you. Mostly, avoid you, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Most importantly, admit it to yourself. And don’t be too hard on yourself for wanting to rip everyone’s skin off. If you say you are annoyed, you are less likely to act out.

Get some down time

Read a book, watch that movie you’ve been wanting to watch, take a long hot shower, go for a walk. It’s okay to disconnect from others for a couple of days, and reconnect with yourself.


No, really. And even if you are cramping. Exercise will not only life your mood, but will also help with those awful cramps. Tried and tested. If the exercise happens to be in a mall…just saying!

Drink chamomile tea

Make yourself a strong cup of chamomile tea. It really does help, and not only with the cramps, but also your mood. It will relax you and calm you down. And make everyone else seem more bearable.

Go out for a meal with friends

It always, always makes one feel better! Also, refer to first point, you can talk about it, throw fits about it and your friends will probably rally around you. Probably.

Eat your comfort food

Really, you’ve got to be kind to your body. And comfort food does help when you are PMSing. Just make sure unhealthy food is not ALL you’re eating. Balance it out. Have a fruit. We are joking, of course. Go crazy with the french fries!

Create something

Put all your angst on a canvas or a piece of paper. You never know what masterpiece you’ll end up creating! After all, the greatest art is borne out of agony.


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