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Get Rid Of A Double Chin In These Ways That *Actually* Work

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If there’s one thing that annoys me, boils my blood and makes me feel insecure, it’s my double chin. So you can imagine how upset I get when I see a vast number of chins staring back at me when I take a selfie. And if you are anything like me and feel the same way about seeing the kilos add up on your face, you must try these workouts. They’re so easy you can do them while you’re binge-watching Netflix, so you *literally* have no excuse not to try. I sometimes do these at work to horrify my co-workers, but that’s just on slow days and I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone (or anyone, actually). A word of caution: you can’t expect a jawline like Deepika if you’re chowing down on chips while you do these exercises – a large part of your progress is dependent on diet and exercise.

I love how this particular chin workout starts with a warm up – which is integral to not pulling your neck and walking around with a neck brace. Also the helpful VO guides you through the number of reps and the form you need to maintain – I often think of her as a personal trainer I hired for my double chin, but that’s just me.

Mewing is a technique created by dentist, Dr. Mike Mew, who suggests the practise for optimum health – the aesthetic benefits are a happy by-product. Although the whole practise looks a bit ridiculous, it promises to align your tongue and teeth to help you get the jawline of your dreams. Check out all the before and after pics and you’ll totally be tempted to try this tutorial.

With age, your skin loses it elasticity – another factor that can contribute to a saggyy double chin. Immy starts the video with some awesome skincare tips to address this very issue, after which she shows you how to massage your face – making this a must-watch. And at some point, after you are done staring, a must-do to get rid of that double chin.

I absolutely love Susana Yábar’s energy as she walks you through 7 facial gymnastics that will help you chisel your jawline. The fun counter makes this an awesome follow-along video you need to add to your playlist. Say bye to all those other chins!


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