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Disha Patani Doing An Amazing Backflip Will Make You Seriously Question Your Fitness Quotient

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Most of us do have certain goal or aim set in our minds once we start getting the hang of working out. Which takes a lot of time and commitment but we have a goal and we work towards it. It could be to do one full push-up, pull-up, a one-minute plank, which BTW kills you, or just following a specific fitness regime so you are stronger. There is a thrill when you ace something you were working towards and manage to do it right.  Speaking of fitness and achieving goals, if there is one such actress in Bollywood who gets better and better each day and one who has been upping her fitness game, it would be Disha Patani. I mean… have you seen her Instagram posts with her workouts and stuff? It’s legendary, to put it mildly.

If there were titles being handed out for being the fittest, Disha Patani would definitely be in the running! You see what we did there? From weight lifting to acing a perfect back flip, Disha has now done it all and we could all take inspiration from it. For instance, the stunning diva recently shared a video, which is all kinds of epic. In the video, Disha Patani can be seen nailing a backflip with perfection and ease. Her caption was ‘everyday makes a difference’ and we totally agree. Except we don’t do a back flip every day and even if we do, it’s usually on the bed.

Sharing a video Disha wrote, “First attempt to a self backflip, still need to make it much cleaner but atleast the fear is gone? everyday makes a difference ?? (also me being the stubborn me?)” This is not the first time the actress has shared some of her backflip skills. Disha has been at it for a long time, specially for her role in Bharat, where the actress got even fitter because the role demanded it.  Disha Patani also faced a knee injury but refuses to stop or let that dampen her enthusiasm. Man…if this isn’t the motivation you need then what is?

Here’s some other Disha’s other fitness videos!

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We have to admit that Disha Patani makes fitness and dance look effortless and in a candid interview with DNA, Disha Patani opened up about the toughest part of filming Bharat. She said, “This is among the toughest things I have done,” she said, adding, “I injured my knee while shooting and still had to do the flips, dance, jump the fire hoops, etc. In fact, my knee has still not recovered!” Well, she aced her acrobat skills in the film and received the praises she deserved! And now, she’s doing it in real life to!


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