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5 Diet Tips To Help You With Your Weight Loss Goal

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Losing weight is a never-ending battle against restaurants, street food, and all the other yumminess that is shoved in our faces every single day! I mean, can you really avoid a tub of buttery popcorn at the movies or those freshly fried roadside pakoras during the monsoon? Yet none of it changes the fact that we want to drop a few pounds, and get into shape. Well, turns out losing weight is only possible if it is done right.

We got nutrition expert, Dr. Namita Jain to reveal a few of her trusty secrets to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, curbing those cravings and staying in great shape, no crash diets involved.


1. Nibble on nuts

If there is one snack that you need to carry in your bag at all times, it has got to be nuts! Almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews… take your pick. Snacking on them between meals will prevent random hunger pangs, and keep you full throughout the day.

2. Separate food from television

Be fully aware of what and how much goes into your system. It’s really okay to binge-watch Sacred Games this weekend, but you can’t afford to binge-eat chips, pop corn and the works while you’re at it!


3. Lose at the drinking games

Those drinking games usually bring out the worst in people, no matter what their drinking capacity is. Savour alcohol in small quantities instead of guzzling down your drinks. Make it a point to lose a drinking game because even if you win, you might land up losing the weight loss game. Now pick which one is worth it?

4. Avoid skipping meals before a party

We can very well establish that food at parties consists of aerated drinks, potato chips, and all things deep fried! When you are fueled right, it is easier to avoid that feeling of “out-of-control” hunger. It is best to keep yourself full before you enter a party, so that those hunger pangs don’t take away your time from the dance floor.


5. Divide before you devour

A rule of thumb is to never deprive yourself of all the cravings. If you feel like having dessert, then go ahead and have it, but watch the quantity. Don’t desert the dessert, divide it. Pleasure is best when shared.


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