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Always Failing At Your Diet? Here Are 7 Tips To Stick To That Diet

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A while ago, I began this diet where I would just live on fruits, veggies, salads and soups. I was on it for literally two weeks before I completely digressed and crashed into my old best-friends – french fries and mayonnaise. When I talked about this incident to a few friends, they all had similar stories. That got me thinking, what is it that we should do while on a diet to ensure we do not derail at all. This is what I have come up with! A fool-proof plan to getting on your diet and staying on it. Try it out, it might just help you stick to the commitment you have made to yourself!

Start with realistic goals

Everyone knows the benefits of dieting – that’s because all of us have attempted to clamber on that bandwagon several times. However, dieting isn’t about one large goal, it is about small achievable goals. If your main goal is to lose 10 kgs in 4 months, break it down to 2-3 kgs a month. The whole idea behind keeping realistic goals is so you put less pressure on yourself and your body!

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Have a diet buddy

Sticking to a diet plan is tough as it is. And without a diet buddy, it might seem like a highly improbable task. Convince a friend or even better your partner to do the diet along with you. This way, when one of you gives in a scarfs down a chocolate-laden doughnut,  the other can motivate and push them to jump back on to the diet. Also, it is always better to know you aren’t suffering alone!

Do away with all temptations

There is such a thing as a junk food addiction. Yep, when you can’t resist a packet of chips or even a bar of chocolate. When that is the case, dieting becomes a mammoth task because you will end up giving in. That is why when you decide to start off on a diet, the first thing you must do is wipe all your kitchen shelves off of all the junk food. Give it all away and replace it with non-fried, healthy snacks. I know it sounds very idealistic, but it helps. Even, when you’re on-the-go, always keep a small healthy snack handy. Even if it just a bowl of nuts or some channa, that way when you are hungry you won’t think of picking up a packet of fried, extra salted potato chips that do nothing for your body.

If you cheat on your diet, don’t beat yourself up

We love putting pressure on ourselves – from education to profession- down to our diet, we challenge ourselves. That isn’t right, beating yourself up if you ate those fries or a slice of pizza won’t help you achieve your goals any faster, all it will do is discourage you further. You don’t want that, do you? So the next time you eat something you aren’t supposed to, exercise a little harder the next day. But do not drive throw yourself  a guilty party and hit a downward spiral where you keep telling yourself this entire thing is pointless anyway.

Cheat days are your friend

Do you know why all dieticians recommend cheat days or even cheat meals once every two weeks? It is because your body needs that satisfaction that only unhealthy food gives it. If you diet for weeks on end without allowing yourself to give in to those cravings, you will fall off the wagon, faster and harder. And then it is very tough to get back on track again. So, once every two weeks treat yourself to whatever you feel like eating. Eventually, cheat days will act as motivation! Think about it, if you eat salads and stop all things fried and buttery, that piece of cheesecake that you get at the end of it will taste guilt-free and yummier. Bottom line? Cheat days are a part of your diet, remember that!

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Monitor your progress

It is vital that you monitor your progress. Keep a journal of what you eat every day, download an app that shows you how many calories you have burnt. This will help you to stay on your diet and you will know exactly how much progress you have made. Once you start noticing your graph growing upwards, that diet won’t seem tough anymore. It is, after all, a game of psychology!

Eat mindfully

Do you know what pisses me off more than anything? When people confuse dieting and starvation. Not eating does not make you lose weight. In fact, it has a very negative impact on your health because you aren’t getting any of the nutrients you need. While keeping that in mind, dieting and eating mindfully go hand-in-hand. So, what is eating mindfully? It is when you know you are consuming all the necessary nutrients on a daily basis (including carbs!) You must spread it out over 5 small meals rather than 3 big ones. This works wonders because you are always full and satiated. If you leave gaps between your meals, not only are you not consuming the nutrients you need, you are also opening yourself up to cravings and temptations. Keep an eye on what you are putting in your body and how much of it your body needs!

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