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A Breakdown Of A High Energy Dance Routine To Torch Those Calories And Build Stamina

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Winters have officially ended and the summers are hitting us in full steam. Which means no more sipping on hot beverages, no more layering yourself up in cute fur coats, no more evening walks because it’s too hot to step out. It also means that hitting the gym becomes that much more difficult.

I am a gym-averse girl, but I do like working out and staying fit. I just have a different way to go about it, a more fun and longer-lasting way – dancing. Dance as an activity, helps you release stress, build up your stamina and shed those calories. And we came up with a quirky and fun dance routine to help you do just that and get your body ready for the beach.

Step 1

This one is about toning your legs and shaking off the otherwise accumulated stress in the joints. The runner step requires you to alternate the legs, along with the subtle hops to get your body hit a rhythm and is a good start to your morning cardio routine.

Step 2

The second step is a breakdown of your conventional hip roll. The circular movement of your torso, first clock-wise and then anti-clockwise ensures a fuller movement of the body. When paired with the hands that follow the direction of the hips, it becomes a stamina building step you’ll enjoy doing.

Step 3

Coming down to the third step, which may seem a little complicated but is the most calorie burning step of the routine. Starting with a slight brush on your shoulders alongside clicking your knees together and going down, the step takes full form when you hold your core strong and go down all at once and bounce back up. The energy and control must work simultaneously to achieve the full power you need for this step.

Step 4

The fourth step is a power house. The over-arm swings and the reversal of body weight from right to left, jolts up the body and powers you up with energy. Once you get into the rhythm and repeat it enough number of times to get the hang of it, there is no way you won’t enjoy doing it.

Step 5

The final step of the routine is an easy breezy move. You start with standing sideways and swinging your body to the right, followed by some powerful chest pumps and killer expressions. You do it twice, with full energy and it will leave you charged up and in the zone!


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