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7 Snacks To Munch On At Work That Are Both Healthy And Delicious

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I am sitting at my desk, 8 hours a day. I have an extremely erratic food routine (much to my mother’s dismay.) Skipping breakfast and eating a 3 o’clock lunch has become an everyday thing. And it’s not like I don’t get hungry. I do. And so when the delicious aroma of vada pav wafts in, it’s difficult to not give in. I mean, I try but how do you resist fried, crispy spicy things? A good way to kill that temptation is to step on the scales – that’s a scary reality check. Without realising it, I end up eating so much junk. Though I have also seen how “healthy food” has became a fad and everyone is looking for baked or roasted options instead of sticking to their trusted fried food. But is the food touted as healthy, actually healthy? Once I started snacking healthy, I started feeling better; all the lethargy that comes with junk food – the sleepiness etc- didn’t happen. And I know that every working person is a snacker, we need coffee and something to munch on just to get us through the day. So, to put everyone out of their misery I have rounded up a bunch of snackable items that are of course healthy, but also yum and fun to eat!


Who doesn’t love a good bowl of butter popcorn? Or maybe caramel. It’s probably the best thing to carry to work. Handy and healthy (well, healthier than a packet of chips). It will keep you full and you will be able to work better! But make sure to carry extra, because like I said, everyone loves popcorn. Go easy on the butter and salt though. You don’t want to chalk up the calories

2.Trail mix

Trail mix is essentially nuts, dried fruit and granola or cereal. It is the ideal work time snack because you can make or buy a whole lot and keep it in your desk drawer for days without the fear of them getting spoilt. It’s easy to munch on too and obviously super healthy. The only downside? Trail mixes can be full of calories, excessive sugar and trans-fat so if you are watching your weight, I recommend reading the label before buying it to make sure you throw in the healthiest ones.

3.Home-made snack bars

Every person understands the feeling of sitting at your desks and not wanting to work. You want to sleep! For days like those (which are becoming more common than we would admit) home-made granola snack bars are the best thing, they can keep you going. They are easy to make too, all you need is granola, oats, a few nuts and honey. Freeze it all together for a for hours and there you have yourself your very own protein bars. Yes, you can buy these too but when you make your own you don’t need to worry about the calories that are in abundance in all store-bought energy bars.


Every Indian’s favourite snack is also super healthy. Did you know roasted chana are rich in protein? Fill a box and leave it on your desk and it will last you a whole week!  Chana is the perfect anti-dote to your work-time munchies! You also get these in various flavours now, so if you’re bored of the bland taste, try the chatpata masala flavour.


Commonly known as kurmura, rice-puffs are hand-down the best thing to keep munching on if you don’t want the extra weight. You don’t have to eat it bland either, just lightly roast them in a little turmeric, chilli powder and obviously add salt to taste. There you have your very own yummy work snack that you can just store in your desk drawer without having to worry about them getting spoilt or well, attracting ants.


For most people, khakra is just a gujju thing. But let’s admit it,  khakra is delicious. It’s super healthy so you don’t have to worry about putting on the kilos. Also, the best part about this snack is that it is easily available and in multiple flavours. And when I say flavours I don’t just mean the conventional masala, I mean like paani puri, pizza etc etc. You get the picture, don’t you?

7.Flavoured fox nuts

Fox nuts, better known as makhana, is also enjoying it’s time in the limelight right now. I personally am a sucker for these because they have everything you’re looking for in a snack. They are healthy (not fried, thank god) they are tasty and now thanks to various brands, they are also available in multiple flavours. Try the peri-peri makhana if you love spicy food, it will blow your mind!

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