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7 Signs You’re Skinny-Fat And Ways To Fix It!

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If you’ve heard someone saying, “as long as I look good, it’s all that matters”, tell them they are wrong! A lot of people look skinny on the outside, fitting into their jeans from college but can be extremely unhealthy and fat on the inside. So ‘skinny-fat’ is a term which refers to someone who for all reason of appearance seems right, has normal weight but lacks muscle. It’s deceiving! Admittedly, you probably can’t tell if you are skinny-fat. But if you do know, this isn’t a situation that’s permanent. You need to lift weights and eat clean in order to gain muscle. As easy as it may sound, it can get a bit tricky if you’re always under the assumption that you are healthy just because you’re skinny. Here are 7 signs to learn if you are skinny-fat or skinny and healthy as well!

1. The percentage of fat in your body is greater than 25%

You can go to your doctor to get your body fat percentage measured. The fat percentage should not exceed 25% and if it does that is not a good sign, girl! Work on building your muscle to get stronger and lose that fat.

2. You do a lot of cardio and little to no resistance training at the gym

Running on the treadmill is really not enough to bulk up! I’m not talking about body building but even to get lean muscle you would have to lift weights. So, balance out your cardio and weight training time during each session.

3. You have weak muscles

When you can’t open a jar lid or carry a bag of potatoes, you know that your muscles are weak. You don’t need to be Hulk but definitely get those muscles working. Think lots and lots of protein!

4. There is a lot of fat accumulated on your stomach area

You might have thin arms and legs, but having love handles and a protruding stomach are a sign of unhealthy fats. Those are one of the major problem areas that everybody has but if you are skinny and have that bulge, you’re most likely skinny-fat.

5. You lack upper body strength

When doing a basic exercise like a push up or pull up is a task and a half, it shows that you cannot support your own body weight. Building on lean muscle is essential to be healthy and feel fit.

6. You don’t eat a healthy diet

I know so many girls who can eat pizzas and burgers on the daily, without gaining any weight. They might just have a really fast metabolism but eating all that sugar and fat can be really bad for your organs in the long run.

7. You have a family history

You might have a family history of diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Maintaining your weight can be really effective in order to prevent these diseases, which is achievable by having a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Get up, lift some weights! Tone your body and move from skinny-fat to perfectly fit.


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