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7 Realistic Tips To Avoid Weight Gain During The Festive Season

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Hey! I am going to stop you right there. Put that 5th sweet down and no one gets hurt.

Yes, I know it’s the festive season. But have some control, for goodness sake. It’s still Navratri, Diwali following up right after it. You are gearing up to attend several Diwali parties, but everyone knows that these are basically calorie-laden feasts that show up right on the hips and the stomach. Basically, everywhere. But maybe, just maybe, we have found a way in which you can eat (not like a monster, mind you!) but in a way that doesn’t add weight on you.

1. Don’t drink your calories

If you’re going to be chugging back the drinks and topping them up with colas, you’re in for some major weight gain. Cut down your calorie intake by opting for sparkling water. Add lemon for that added zing of flavour.

2. Use the buddy system

Get a buddy on board with you to keep a check on what you eat or drink! It is always better to have a partner who has similar weight goals to keep you motivated and to ensure that you don’t slip up on the ladoos and kheer.

3. Don’t go to a party on an empty stomach

Walking into a party waiting to pounce on the first round of food is a strict no-no! We all know that food at Diwali parties is deep fried or full of sugar. A healthy salad prior to going there will ensure you don’t pig out on the not-so-healthy options.

4. Learn how to say no

Everyone is going to want you to have one more, you know to show how much they love you. Dodge that bullet by stopping when you are a little hungry. Then, you can please them by having some but not putting on the kilos.

6. Avoid eating leftovers the next day

When there is a big feast, there has to be a lot of food. I mean, a lot! So instead of wasting all that food, most of us succumb to eating it the next day which is adding a lot more junk in your trunk. Avoid eating leftover food the next day completely. Though that may be really tempting.

7. Use a smaller plate

Small plates means you can take less quantity of food, which means you consume fewer calories. Keep the plate size small so that you don’t over load it with heaps of food. And don’t cheat your way around this by taking generous helpings!


8. Chew slowly

Not only is it good for digestion, but it a great way to ensure that you don’t overeat. The best part is that those aunties may not even offer you a lot of food when they see that you haven’t completed your food in the first place.


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