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7 Plank Exercises To Get A Flat Tummy And Strong Core

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One of the biggest problem areas for most women is the stomach and love handles. Working on getting a flat tummy can be really difficult since it involves working on the overall strength of the core, which is what keeps our body upright. Well, guess what. We just found the perfect exercise to help you get rid of the tummy flab and tighten up your core. It’s plank exercises!

Planks serve as a total body workout, while specifically concentrating on your core. Your shoulders, triceps, lower back, glutes, and abs… everything is put to work in this simple exercise. Here are 7 awesome plank exercises that you can do in order to get that strong core.

1. Plank With Leg Lift

2. Spiderman Plank

3. Thread The Needle Plank

4. Side Plank Crunches

5. Side Plank Twist

6. Mountain Climber Plank

7. Plank Holds


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