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7 No-Equipment Exercises You Can Do At Home To Be Lehenga Ready

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Like every other Indian household, weddings in my family are huge. They are spread on three days and have like a hundred functions (I’m exaggerating, obviously!) Needless to say, you have to bring your A-game when it comes to the way you look. So yes, the outfits have to be on point but for me, it also means that I cut back on the indulgences, and whittle down my waist.  This means stopping all those mithais, making my skin look radiant and so much more in just a few months. Is that possible? Yep, it actually is! Let’s start with the toughest- how to get a slimmer waistline and a flatter more sculpted tummy before the wedding. Intrigued? You should be! And since we know how busy you must be, I have rounded up a bunch of exercises you can do at home and without equipment. All you have to do is make a daily workout inclusive of these exercises and be consistent with it. If you can that, all those ethnic clothes are going to look so damn hot on you. Check it out:

  1. Commando Plank

It is common knowledge that planks are one of the most effective exercises to do if you want to tighten your core muscles. These alone will not give you six-pack abs, but it will definitely make you look way slimmer.  A commando plank is a variation of the exercise that will not only build your core muscles but also work on building your strength and stability. If you are struggling, just picture your flat tummy in that gorgeous lehenga.

  1. Russian Twist

Initial warning alert: This exercise is tough to do, but if you follow instructions to the letter and remain consistent the effects it will have on your body are crazy good. A Russian Twist is generally done with 5kg weights, but if you don’t have access to those you can use a few heavy books. The benefits of this exercise are really cool. It engages all your abdomen muscles- rectus abdominis, internal obliques, and the external obliques. It doesn’t end there, it also works on toning your glutes, arms and your lower back. Add this exercise to your home workout routine and you’ll be ready to flaunt those low-rise lehengas.

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  1. Partial Sit-Ups

While the benefits of partial sit-ups include strengthening your abdominal muscles, and building your core, but it doesn’t end there. They also improve posture, increase flexibility and define your back muscles. The major difference between partial and full sit-ups is that partial sit-ups has faster movements working on your upper abdomen faster. But remember to start off small, by probably doing 10 reps and gradually increase your number of reps.

  1. Flutter Kicks

Kick your way into a flat tummy this wedding season. Flutter kicks are hands down the easiest exercise on this list, not to mention they are kind of fun to do too. Fun meaning to get to feel an acute burn. This exercise sheds belly fat and you know as well as I do that that’s the toughest, most stubborn fat to burn. Not only that, continuous engagement of this exercise leaves you with well-toned thighs, hips and lower back. This advanced cardio-exercise, releases feel-good hormones that will make you feel confident and keep you in good spirits without knocking back those shots.

  1. Cross Crunch

Cross crunches are an effective variation from your normal everyday crunches. Along with your core, cross crunches also work on your obliques, sculpting your waist. So that wedding photoshoot you were fretting about? Practicing this exercise every day is the answer to all those shots that may require you to show off your waist.

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  1. Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is an extremely popular pose from Surya Namaskar. Over the years though, people have started seeing its benefits on their core, glutes, waist and arms. Yep, it is one exercise that works on all of these body parts leaving you well-toned. It also strengths your calves and hamstrings, which will allow you to dance until dawn at the wedding without getting tired.

  1. Side Plank Dips

Full disclosure, you will hate this exercise! I do with every muscle in my body since it hurts. But, it also works miraculously on your abdominal muscles making them tighter, sculpted and of course getting rid of all that belly fat. Not only that, but it also works on toning your arms and improving balance and concentration. That sexy saree you were going to wear for the reception? You won’t have to think twice because after indulging in this exercise every day, you can be assured you will be making heads turn!

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