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7 Natural Substitutes To Sugar That Have The Sweetness But Not The Calories

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Fitness is not always losing weight – well, most of the time- it’s about just about being healthy. And I enjoy being healthy. During this research, I have learned that sugar is slow poison for the body. I minimised my sugar consumption about a year ago (thanks mom!) and I should tell you I have a major sweet tooth. But once my body was used to eating less sugar, I felt so much better! My energy levels were up, and the ridiculous sugar cravings came to a stop. It is not easy since we are basically addicted to sugar and let me tell you this, like quitting any other drug, sugar too has its withdrawals. So, in the spirit of remaining healthy and avoiding those annoying cravings we have rounded up a few natural substitutes to sugar that are easily available, nutritious and of course, add the sweet touch to your beloved foods. Check it out:

1.Raw Honey

So what’s the difference between regular and raw honey? Raw honey is a powerhouse of nutrients like zinc, calcium, potassium, vitamin B6 and many enzymes that are good for digestion. Once pasteurized, it turns into regular honey which is available in most grocery stores. But regular honey doesn’t have half the nutrients which are present in raw honey making it a more suitable substitute to sugar. It might taste slightly different and might be priced a little higher (being organic and all), but it is definitely worth it. It satisfies your need for sugar while also providing you with the added benefits. Look for raw honey at an organic food store or a farmer’s market. The darker the honey, the better it is for you!

2.Jaggery Powder

One of the most widely used products, jaggery has multiple health benefits. It’s good or digestion and rich in calcium. The powdered form of jaggery can be used in practically anything even your morning tea or coffee making it one the best substitutes for sugar. To achieve the same amount of sweetness as sugar though, you will need to use about one and a half times more jaggery. It is way healthier and it gets the job done without much fuss.


Date paste is another excellent substitute for sugar, especially for baking. Dates are loaded with vitamin B6, copper, and iron amongst other things. They also help metabolise fats and carbs faster. When you compare all this to regular sugar which does absolutely nothing good for your body, you will want to run to the nearest store to buy dates. Add this paste to your morning breakfast cereal or into the cake batter when you’re baking and watch it work wonders. When you are making the date paste ensure it is thick and not runny, the consistency should be that of peanut butter.


Fruits are probably the most natural substitute for sugar. Instead of adding spoonfuls of sugar to your morning breakfast, or eating that entire brownie after dinner, try eating fruits. Papayas, strawberries, cranberries or figs are your best bet. Mashed, pureed or whole, fruits are hands down the best substitute for sugar. You won’t have the satisfaction of eating a proper dessert, but do you know what else you won’t have? The extra calories and sugar craving.

5.Maple Syrup

Contrary to popular belief, maple syrup can be used for more than a drizzle over your pancakes. It is actually quite an effective substitute for sugar. You can virtually add it to any recipe, it is sweeter than sugar and contains way fewer calories. Drizzle it on your breakfast cereal or add it to your homemade energy bars, maple syrup is rich in nutrients like zinc and calcium and it makes everything that much yummier.

6.Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar comes from the coconut palm tree, no surprise there. It is one of the lesser-known substitutes to sugar but is super healthy and it gets the job done. Coconut sugar looks a lot like brown sugar but it is drier and in the form of smaller granules. It is known to regulate blood pressure and contains insulin making it an excellent choice for diabetic people. So, switch out your jar of sugar for coconut sugar today!


Saving the best of the last, Stevia has absolutely no calories. Yes, take a moment to take that in. Steevia is way sweeter than sugar which means for every spoonful of sugar you would need half a spoon of stevia. It also has disease-preventing abilities and lowers blood pressure. Bid sugar farewell because once you get onto stevia you wouldn’t need any sugar.

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