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6 Ways Quitting Alcohol Will Give You The Best Body Ever

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Have you even had a great night out if you’re not stumbling back home, unable to to put one foot in front of another? Or waking up without a throbbing hangover? Going out for a night around town might feel incomplete without alcohol, and giving it up completely could lead to major FOMO. But then, allow us to see why giving up alcohol might be a good idea. Think about it. Would you rather have clear skin, good sleep, and save money than pass out on the dance floor or regret saying something you wouldn’t have said in the first place? Here are 6 reasons why letting go of the booze is good for your health, body, and mind.

1. You will save a lot of money

I’m sure that when you go out with your girls to drink, you would easily spend over Rs. 2000 just on drinks. Even if you decide to drink at home, a bottle of wine or scotch would can empty out the wallet pretty quick. Spend some time calculating how much money you spend per week on drinks and multiply that by 52. Yup! That’s a lot of money spent on alcohol, girl!

2. You will start losing weight

Alcohol definitely spikes up your daily calorie intake since it is mainly made of sugar. I know you think, what isn’t? But you know that a lot of us are unaware of the actual calorie count in each drink, and it’s a lot! We all know that a drinking session doesn’t just end with one drink, it all adds up. I mean, if I were you, I would rather replace those calories with some yummy dessert that I’ve been craving all week!

3. You will get good quality sleep

Disrupted sleep is very common for someone who drinks often. Alcohol may put some people to sleep quickly but it really messes with the quality as well as the duration of sound sleep. Giving up alcohol can mean better sleep which leads to good mental performance, concentration, and improved mood as well.

4. Your skin will clear up

While you may try everything on the outside, alcohol is extremely dehydrating and it definitely affects your skin. Booze face is definitely a thing and when you quit alcohol your skin will feel a lot more hydrated. Maybe you won’t get a new pimple.

5. You will be productive and have a great mood

Hangover is a thing and it can really ruin your day after a “fun” night of drinking. This will affect your mood as well as your productivity. A lot of people use alcohol as a mood booster to feel happy but the after effects of drinking can leave you stressed, agitated and restless. Wait, that does sound like fun. Hmm.

6. You could see more success in the gym

Alcohol has an adverse effect on your physical performance and this is mainly due to the fact that it leaves you dehydrated and reduces blood sugar levels. Quitting alcohol will enable your body to perform at its’ best when you are exercising. So getting in shape isn’t only about hitting the gym, it’s doing more when you are there.


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