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5 Tricks You Can Use To Ensure You Don’t Overeat

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For the longest time, I never understood the entire meaning of mindful eating. I now understand that it isn’t only about eating the correct things but also about knowing exactly how much to eat. Nothing in excess is ever good, right? So I went on a witch hunt to figure out if there are things you can do to ensure you get just the right portions of food, not more or less. Psychology is where I found my answers. There are tricks you can play on your brain to ensure you don’t overeat. Check them out!

Colour Psychology

Remember this the next time you have to go on a crockery-spending spree. Research has proven that eating in coloured plates helps you curb appetite and eat better. Especially the colours blue and red. Red, because it is perceived as a sign of danger by your body, so you automatically end up eating less. And surprisingly blue because it is the most unappetizing of food colours. If you think about it, there is no natural blue edible food in the world. Even blueberries are more indigo than blue. To your brain, blue food or blue plates is a warning sign of the food gone wrong. Next time you are on a diet and you know you are going to slip, this is one trick to tell yourself, you don’t need to eat more anyway.

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Eat with your less favoured hand

Eating with your non-dominant hand will cause you to eat 30% less and a lot more mindfully. Here’s the thing, eating with your wrong hand is uncomfortable and it tires out your brain. When you are eating something super unhealthy with your dominant hand, you will keep munching. Try it this way around, it will work.

Eat in Silence

You know how as kids our parents always told us to not talk while eating? Well, they were saying it because not only is it bad manners to talk with food in your mouth because it can also lead you to choke on your food but eating in silence can mean you cut those extra calories out. The trick is simple, our brain is distracted while we are eating while conversing or even watching TV. That is why, it does not send the “full” signal to our stomachs on time, which is what causes overeating or binging. When we eat in silence our brain can focus and knows exactly when we need to stop eating. So the next time you want to Netflix and eat, don’t.

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Sit at the end of the table

This is one trick that really works for me. Let me ask you, where do you sit when you go to a restaurant? Do you sit in the middle or on the edge of the table? I am sure after reading the heading you’ve got an idea where you are supposed to sit if you want to avoid overeating. Always sit at the end because if you are in the middle it makes it super easy for you to overeat. It might leave you out of the conversation a little but hey at least you’re avoiding all those calories.

Eat in small plates with a small spoon

I am so sure you have heard of this one. If not, the psychology behind this is that eating in a small plate makes your portions smaller, of course, but it also tricks your brain into thinking you are eating a lot since your plate looks fuller. Smart right? You can apply the same logic to eating with small spoons. They are small bites but they look like large ones. Trust me, it makes you feel full and satiated even though you have eaten only three fourth of your appetite.

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