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5 Reasons You Should Totally Stay Away From Alcohol During Your Wedding Functions

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I am the last person who should be discouraging people from drinking. I do not drink like a fish and thankfully have a major capacity but when I go out, I go all out! Considering both my parents are drinkers, I always assumed I wouldn’t have a dry wedding. I don’t think I can do it sober though, I will die of cold feet. But then I thought about it. Even if you drink on your cocktail or sangeet, it will lead to so much internal chaos for you on your wedding day. No bride wants that, it is after all the happiest day of her life. So, if you are getting married, here are five reasons you should away from alcohol during all your functions!

  1. Alcohol will make you feel bloated AF

Time is the testament that alcohol leads to bloating. While it is okay all round the year, your wedding day is not the day you want to look or even feel bloated. Every kind of alcohol, not just beer leads to bloating in different parts of your body. That is because alcohol dehydrates your body, so your vital organs try and absorb as much water as they can. This leads to bloating in your face and other places. Think about it, do you really want to look bloated in your perfectly curated wedding lehenga?

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  1. You will end up binging on fried and junk food

Urban Dictionary defines this phenomenon as the ‘drunchies’. Yeah, you laugh at the word now, but if you ask anyone what they want to eat the most after a few drinks, their answer will be French fries. There is a reason we crave fried food, alcohol makes our brain super pliable and makes us think we are famished. That is why you want something fried, salted and yummy! But getting the drunchies one day before your wedding might not be the best idea. After all, why would want to wash away all the efforts you have put in the diet over the last few months?

  1. Alcohol reduces your sexual drive

Despite what every movie has told you, alcohol is not good for your sex drive. For two reasons- First, when you are drunk (I mean, really drunk not tipsy) it impairs your brain leading you into a partial orgasmic dysfunction and it totally screws (pun intended!) with your physiological response to arousal. Which basically means it is harder for you to get wet and when you do, it will take you way longer to hit your climax (if you do at all, that is) and even if you do, it will not be as impactful as it would if you were sober. Second, you are more sleepy than you are horny. It is as simple as that. Do you really want your first night with your husband to be a complete blur?

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  1. You are actually consuming excessive sugar

There is a major misconception here. Most people think the actual liquor is what contributes the most to weight gain. That is not true, while alcohol has calories by itself what actually add to the fats of your body are the mixers and chasers. Pro tip: if you must drink, opt for a gin and tonic with a squeeze of lemon. It is delicious and gin is known to have the least number of calories out of all the liquors. Tonic water, of course, has a very low sugar content and the lemon is just to bring out the taste. Stay away from cocktails altogether, otherwise, you are just negating all the work you have done on your body in those last few months.

  1. You might sleep through your own wedding

Okay this one hilarious, not if you are the bride but well. If you’ve ever been drunk, you will know that the only thing you want to do the next morning is sleep. And you if you don’t get enough sleep you will get irritable, drowsy AF and basically a downer. Do you really want to feel like that on what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life? Furthermore, imagine you do get enough sleep and you end up sleeping like a log which turns into you running late to your own wedding, not to mention even then you will be drowsy and won’t be able to concentrate at all. That isn’t going to go down well with anyone!

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