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5 Reasons Every Woman Needs Milk. Even When You’re All Grown Up.

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Growing up, one of my mum’s biggest challenge (and possibly, frustrations) was getting me to drink milk. I would alternate between flat refusal to having 3 sips after being bribed with chocolate or a treat. It got marginally better as I grew up, mainly because my mom gave up out of exasperation, and because I finally made peace with having to drink milk. But despite my reluctance, I have to agree, there are lot of benefits to having milk. And I am not just saying during my childhood. There are reasons you should be chugging milk even when you are an adult. More so, as a woman. Here are the reasons you need milk.


Losing The Kilos

Wait, what? Yes, it’s true. Drinking milk can actually help your weight loss efforts. Especially a milk like the Nestle a+ Nourish  Milk which is low on fat content. A glass of milk can keep you full, satiated and maintain your weight loss. Which honestly, is a great thing to say for anything. *knocks back a glass full*


Energy Booster

There are days when all the energy you have goes in getting out of bed. Have a glass of milk. It revitalises you and gives you the extra energy you need to get through the day. Most women at multi-taskers, managing work, homes, help and all of that. You need that glass of milk more than anyone else. It’s also great for recovery if you’ve had a taxing workout.


Strong Bones

As a child, you were convinced you needed strong bones. As an adult, you may question everything but the benefits of milk for bone health cannot be argued. Milk is known to provide you with calcium and it’s an important part of building strength. This is especially important for women because Osteoporosis can be be a real threat.


Helps With PMS

If you are struggling with cramps, mood swings and the like, first of all, allow everyone to back away slowly. Then, reach out for a glass of the Nestle a+ Nourish Milk. The calcium and Vitamin D in milk can alleviate the symptoms of PMS. So, if you are sitting with hot chocolate, there’s a chance you will not break into copious tears when a burglary happens in a movie.


No More Teething Troubles

Don’t want a date with your dentist early on in life? Drink up. Think lots of Nestle a+ Nourish Milk. Because it’s loaded with calcium, it can prevent tooth decay and cavities. Basically, you can push your denture days far into the future with milk.

Convinced? Get your daily dose of yum with Nestle a+ Nourish Milk here.


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