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10 Effective Ways To Beat Insomnia And Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

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You toss. You turn. You count sheep. You have endlessly scrolled through Instagram. And Facebook. You might have even looked up Tinder. Only because sleep is terribly elusive. It’s a vicious cycle, you sleep late, if at all, wake up early, feeling groggy and unrefreshed. And with dark circles that no concealer can fix. Looks are not the only thing that get affected by insomnia, the problem goes deep. It can give your asthma, strokes and make you put on weight.

Great, you think. Why is it that, you of all people, have insomnia? There are several things in your life that can lead to this problem. Stress, poor sleeping habits, jet lag, having irregular sleep schedule, mental health disorder, or even certain medications can lead to insomnia.

But there’s a way to put an end to this and we tell you just how.

1. Have a strict sleeping schedule

Set a reminder to sleep on time! Yes, that’s right, instead of setting an alarm to wake up in the AM, set a reminder that will tell you to stop, drop and roll into bed.

2. Stay away from certain foods

There are several foods that have an adverse effect on your sleeping pattern. You should stay away from caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, diet supplements, as well as drugs for a good nights’ sleep.

3. Exercise regularly

Hit the gym and break a sweat regularly! Even if it is thrice a week, stay consistent with your workout routines so that your body can get in sync with a pattern, which will sync with your sleeping pattern, eventually.

4. Avoid working at nights

Late nights are a strict no-no! No matter your profession, plan well in advance to finish all your tasks so that you don’t have to stay up all night working on last minute assignments.

5. Put your electronics away

No phones, no laptops, no Ipods either! Make sure all your electronics are charging far away from your bed so that you don’t reach for it to end up spending hours senselessly scouring through social media.

6. Create a peaceful sleeping environment

Create a nice ambience for you to sleep in. Invest in cute dim lights, light a candle, or simply play meditation music. Avoid loud noise or any kind of direct light when you’re trying to fall asleep.

7. Avoid eating heavy meals before bedtime

Stick to eating before 8 o’ clock. Make sure your last meal is hours before you hit the bed so that you’re not feeling stuffy and full.

8. Don’t take day time naps

Day time naps mess with your sleeping schedule so avoid sleeping at odd hours during the day so that you can get a full 8 hours of sleep at night.

9. Keep a normal temperature in the room

Turn on the AC during the summer or the heater during the winter time to adjust the temperature of the room to a comfortable setting.

10. Pick a jet lag-friendly place to travel

Travel to places that don’t mess with your sleeping patterns, especially if it is a short weekend trip. Jet lag can really get in the way of your sleeping schedule, so you might want to skip a destination that’s going to mess with your sleep.


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