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10 Things You Should Know To Ace That Yoga Session

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Yoga isn’t for the impatient. But you knew that. It’s a form of exercise that takes years and years of practice. But that can’t be the reason you procrastinate. You’ve got to start somewhere, right?  World Yoga Day is around the corner, and while you are working vigorously on your downward dog, a little advice from the experts in the field would never hurt. We spoke to Suman Addepali, C.O.O. of Thriive Art & Soul, to get all the tips we could in order to make the best of your daily yoga session. Here are some of the points that you must keep in mind, next time you practice yoga.

inpost-yoga-pick a spot

1. Find a fixed spot

Fix a spot in your room, balcony, living room where you can practice yoga. Pick a clutter-free place where you feel comfortable and are away from distractions. Something with sunlight streaming in would be perfect. It is important to pick a good spot for your yoga session, because you need to feel the energy around you.

inpost-yoga-dont eat prior your class

2. Don’t eat prior to practice

Keep a gap of at least 2 to 4 hours after your meal in order to get full range on all the moves. During a morning yoga session, it is best to practice on an empty stomach, so save those waffles and pancakes for later!


3. Stick to a particular time

This might be difficult to really get going but try to keep a fixed schedule for your practice. It will create discipline and ensure that you don’t miss a session because of a show you started binge watching. Get off Netflix!

inpost-yoga-yoga buddy

4. Find a yoga buddy/class

It has great benefits but yoga can get a bit boring at times. So join a group, enrol in a class, or find a buddy to practice with. It is important to feed off of the energy of the people around you. Plus, this person might prevent you from slacking off!

inpost-yoga-yoga outfit

5. Wear comfortable clothes

Wear loose clothes during practice because the only tightness you need to feel is from your muscles, not your clothes! Invest in loose t-shirts and comfortable leggings, and make them look cute while you’re at it, for that post yoga selfie for Instastories!

inpost-yoga-keep your phone away

6. Cut all contact

Not just spiritually but physically as well (hehe)! Keep your phone at a million arms distance, if possible. The last thing you would want is a Facebook notification in the middle of a pranayam. Keep your phone off, and if that is not possible, keep it on silent – face down. Facebook can wait.

inpost-yoga-deep rlaxation

7. Don’t ignore the deep relaxation

Yoga sessions require deep relaxation. Don’t get off of your mat till you’re completely relaxed. A corpse pose (it’s exactly what it sounds like) is the best way to relax, but if you’re not comfortable with that, then the child’s pose will help you relax your body as well.

inpost-breathing technique -yoga

8. Focus on your breathing techniques

Work on getting breathing patterns right and concentrate on it. Pay attention when you are breathing in when your lungs open up or when breathing out as your body contracts. So, instead of thinking about what’s for dinner at night, focus on breathing right. This will help you relax your mind as well as your body.


9. Don’t let the fear of perfection stop you

Practice makes perfect! Maybe you’re not perfect today, but you will get there, so don’t let one unsuccessful yoga move deter you from trying harder. You will get there eventually, girl!

inpost-yoga-hire a tainer

10. Get a trainer to start with

If you are all set to begin your yoga journey, then get a trainer! The moves may seem extremely simple to you on Youtube or a DVD, but pulling a muscle is the last thing you want when you are so motivated. If you are new to yoga, get yourself a trainer to get the nuances of each pose right.


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