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These Pompoms Are A Great Shoe Upgrade To Tatiana’s White Sneakers

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Everyone is all about the trend that is in the form of white sneakers and, to be honest, it isn’t something that will ever go out of style. Why not? Because it’s uber trendy, even more comfy, and adds that chic element to pretty much everything you wear. This is one fashion trend that has been overdone, but not done to death — it may look like it, but something that’s as comfortable as a pair of sneakers deserves its credit. I am guilty of being that person who invests in ‘cute’ looking heels — name it and I have it all. But, at the end of the day, my go-to pair of footies HAVE got to be flats or sneakers. Whether it’s an event, office, or even a wedding (hey! I am a fashion writer…I love taking advantage of my creative license), I will blindly pick comfort over sexiness.


ZARA Leather Pompom Sneakers

So, taking a slightly different spin on the classic trend, these ZARA Pompom Sneakers are a perfect fit — quite literally. Although available in white as well, I chose this grey and blue pair just to break the monotony of the trend. I know, one can’t possibly own ENOUGH white sneakers, but I thought this would be a better spin on it. The pompoms will add to my obsession for those little poof-balls (I own a pair of tie-ups too), which, BTW, can be taken off whenever I think it’s a bit much. Also I love how the pompoms add that head-turning element to the boring laces. Spotted recently on Kriti Sanon, she chose to pair these cute little footies with a Tommy X GIGI dress. See, it’s a multi-purpose product. And if you know me by now, you know I love myself a good dual product.

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