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The Chic Floral Dress That Sanjana Can Wear All Day!

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Like our fashion writer says, never trust anyone who says that florals are only for the summer. Florals are for all seasons, and rightly so! I mean, who doesn’t love to dress up in a floral number with its dainty prints and beautiful colours? It’s flirty and feminine, and when styled right, it can slay! What’s more, floral prints don’t just end at dresses, but can actually be worn in any form, including jackets and skirts.


So, this versatile number is my pick for the week. Zara’s floral print dress reminds me of the magical and the mysterious, which is quite akin to the current weather. See? Didn’t we say that florals are for all seasons? The flower and leaf prints are all in shades of pastel and spell out sheer elegance. The outer shell is 100% viscose and it sure looks like something that’ll shimmy down your body easily, in a flurry of smoothness. I think this is an outfit that can be worn to a quiet dinner with the folks or even to the next party you’re planning to hit.

You could accessorize it with a dainty gold necklace and a chunky gold ring like this one. Pair it with a fringed bag and slip on either heels or flats. It all depends on the look you’re going for — edgy or flirty. In a nutshell, this floral print dress is cut out for any and all occasions, thanks to its elegant yet modern look. Take it from us: you can’t go wrong with florals!

SHOP NOW: Zara Floral Print Dress (Rs 3,490)


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