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Baishali Is Praying That These Ultra Cool Bluchers Fit Her

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I walked into Zara the other day and spotted the cutest pair of denim appliqué slip-ons. I hunted for the smallest size possible, and gingerly put my feet into them. Unsurprisingly, they were too big. Disappointed but not yet hopeless, I confidently walked into the kids’ section — something I’ve done in the past. I found a similar pair there and my heart swelled with joy. I picked up a pair that looked like it might fit me and tried them on. Guess what? THEY DIDN’T FIT EITHER! The smaller size I found smooshed my little big toe, so now, truly dejected, I walked out of the store.

Buying shoes for myself is a task, and a frustrating one at that. What makes it worse is that I’m a total shoe-aholic. No control there. However, even though quite often I can’t buy shoes I ogle at because of size issues, I can still ogle and add them to my wishlist. And these braided leather bluchers are going right to the top of that list.



Aren’t these just the coolest pair of shoes you’ve ever seen? I’ve been going through a major sneaker phase this year (I mean, who isn’t?). My white ones and denim pair are my favourites, and, if only I manage to find these in my size, these will be the new IT kicks. I love the contrasting colours, the braided detailing and, most of all, the white heeled sole #TinyPeopleProblems.

The beauty of this pair is that it will go with ERRYTHING. Skirts, dresses, distressed denims…hell, I’d even wear them with formals! So I’m going to go check the size guide on these with quivering hands, but hey, if you have normal, human-sized feet, by all means, swipe that card!

SHOP NOW: Braided Leather Bluchers (Rs 5,990)


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