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Your Ultimate Guide To Taking Care Of Coloured Hair!

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Psst. Here’s what they don’t tell you about coloured hair. One day you are sporting this shiny, vibrant mane which you want to flaunt everywhere. Cut to one week later where the colour is looking ho hum if not dreadfully dull, the shine is no where to be found, and at this point, your drain has more pigment than your hair. And that dryness… that’s real! The hair feels and looks more dry that Delhi in May. So wait, what’s the middle ground? That we stop colouring our hair? Oh, I heard that collective gasp. We’ve got to be able to have fun with our hair. So ladies, if you want to have a little fun with your hair every now and then, this article is a definitive guide to taking care of coloured hair. 

We have included everything you need to know about coloured hair and making it look great, many weeks in. And to have it not hurtle to the ground in a tearing hurry. Aah, the puns. Anyway, here’s what you need to know and do. 

Prep Is Important

Look, there are chances that it’s an impromptu decision. But more often than not, it will be a well thought out hair colour decision. And to keep your hair in ship shape before the big colouring sesh, you have to start taking care of it way in advance. Think plenty of nourishing treatments, regular oiling and cutting back on the hair styling tools. Your hair will thank you for it.

Choose Your Colour Wisely

Yes, this sounds like something a mom would say, but it’s really important that you choose a colour that won’t absolutely murder your hair. Know that if you choose a colour that requires your hair to be bleached, it’s definitely going to be much dryer and you will need that much more hydration. So while you may be lusting after unicorn hair, it might not be the best for hair health.

Reputation Matters

Hair colour can eat a significant chunk of your salary. I mean, you might need to not have lunch for a few days. But it’s super important that you get your hair coloured from a good stylist. Someone who won’t compromise on the quality of the colour and will ensure your hair strands aren’t looking straggly at the end of it. So while it may be expensive, splurging on a good stylist is a really wise decision.

Great Hair, Don’t Care!

So you’ve the hair colour of your dreams, huh? Awesome. But now’s when you you really need to take care of your mane. Invest in a good shampoo that won’t strip your hair further. Colour tends to bleed, so you might need to cut down on the number of times you shampoo. And while you shampoo, remember to use cold water to keep your hair colour in for longer. For the times you skip on the shampooing, grab a dry shampoo to keep your colour looking fabulous.

Invest In The Right Products

You might need to have a bit of a spring cleanse in your bathroom. You want to invest in products made specifically for coloured hair including shampoo, conditioner, masks and the like. You are looking for products that are tailored to serve your hair. Oh, and you might want to step away from the clarifying shampoos for a bit.


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