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Your Insider Guide To 7 Fashion Terms That Are Going To Be A Rage In Summer 2019!

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2019 seems to be cruising along at spectacular speed. We can’t believe it’s April already and already there are hot trends piling up that are difficult to keep up with. There are summer trends that are pretty straightforward… all the wrap dresses and bike shorts speak for themselves. But there are some, which are totally for the current season and year. So much so, that most people, including fashion enthusiasts, might need a quick google search to be acquainted with it.

We were sifting through our rolodex of the best trends of the season and found some fashion terms that might need a deep dive on our behalf. Update your fashion vocab with these uncommon terms and show it off on your next lunch with the girls.


From classic gowns to fringed bags, trimming is going to become quite the rage this season. Trimming refers to enhancing an item of clothing, accessory or shoes with added details to make it stand out. Mostly fabric, trimming is accompanying everything from jackets to dresses and jewellery. So let’s keep our eyes open for the next tasselled earring, shall we?!


We love pretty sunshine colours intermingling with each other! Tie-dye is a process of producing patterns on a garment by tying parts of it and dipping in dye. The tied bits are thus excluded from dying and producing beautiful swirl patterns for the same. Why we love it? It’s the perfect vibe for summer, looks happy and comes in so many different patterns to choose from!


An embroidery technique not so common because of its complexity is applique. And we are increasingly seeing this being adopted to mainstream fashion. The unique look is achieved by ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck on to a larger piece to form a picture or pattern. In our opinion, there can never be enough appliqued flowers on our dress!

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Since it’s kinda difficult to say, we will address this as the crunched trend. The ruched design is achieved by using a strip of fabric (muslin/lace) to create a crushed and bundled fabric look on a garment. The way it has manifested this summer, is on super sexy dresses that show off some delicious curves and we are so on board!

Snake-ish Trend

We keep spotting the usual leopard print here and a zebra print there, but the reptilian counterpart of this trend is relatively less common. The snakeish trend has brought with it many pants, coats, scarves, gloves even, made to look like the sleek and textured skin of pythons. Not sure about the rest but we might need a while to actually get into it.

Fruity Suiting

Pantsuits were big last year and they are still killing it this year. A bit differently though this time. Ushered in with the neon trend, all the pop and fruity coloured suits are in vogue. We love ourselves some OTT trends and a smart pantsuit in cherry red and blueberry shades is just the thing to get out spirits soaring.

En Beige

In the early days of this trend, we thought it to be a bit boring. Beige as a hot colour for the season? No. But the trend has evolved into something we do love… in shades of beige. This has given way to all the gorgeous ivory lehengas and off-white pants to become the breeziest trend of the summer.


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