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Your Definitive And Easy Guide To Pick The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

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Summer’s come a-knocking! Or a-melting in this case. Between practically crawling our way to watermelon juice stands and furiously fanning ourselves under the shade of a tree while complaining about the heat, it is that time of the year. The change in season calls for a change in habits, mainly meaning that you dart into nearest air-conditioned outlet, gorge on delicious mangoes, and chugging back copious amounts of water. We have already spoken about a few summery dresses and kurtas that won’t cling to you and keep you looking fresh. Now, we are helping you pick sunglasses (because everyone needs them this season) according to your face shape.

Just like bras, sunglasses are also tailored to an individual. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just willy nilly pick sunglasses and wear them out. Accessories closest to your face have a huge impact on your overall look… as a chunky shades plopped on a tiny face can make the person look a little bit like a bee.

We put together this a quick and simple guide to identify your face shape and pick the right styles for it. Have a look!

Heart Shape

The main identifier of a heart-shaped face is the narrow long jawline. Thus, a top-heavy frame that complements this face shape work the best. This includes cat-eye, browline and square sunglasses. These Zara sunglasses have our vote.

Round Shape

The quintessential feminine face shape, the round face is widest across the cheekbones and more narrow at the forehead and jawline. To counter the roundness, go for  oversized, rectangular and angular frames. These can give a round face a slimming effect and make it look more grown up. These frames from H&M will also add an edge to your look.

Oval Shape

If you have ever been called a horse face as a teenager, it may have been rude them but it’s great insight into your face shape. One of the most adaptable shapes, an oval face can pull off pretty much any style of sunglass frame without breaking a sweat. Keep the longness of your face intact with picking the right size of sunglasses, regardless of the style!

Square Shape

Think a strong jawline, wide forehead and wide cheekbones, that’s the classic square-shaped face. Work your angles to your advantage by softening the features with subtler shades with soft lines and rimless edges. The round sunglasses that are a rage currently work super well on square shapes and are oh-so-in-trend!

Which one are you gonna pick? Let us know!


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