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You Might Finally Be Able To Afford A Louis Vuitton Bag Without Going Bankrupt. But Wait, There’s A Catch!

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There are a few iconic pieces of fashion that fashion enthusiasts strive to own so much that they end up on their bucket lists. Items like the checkered Burberry coat and a bottle of Chanel No.5 are aspirational for women, kinda like markers for success as they course through life. The fact that fashion icons who came before us are the ones who made them popular, helps. One of these classic fashion pieces is a Louis Vuitton bag, covered in that sweet, sweet signature logo.

Turns out, it might soon be possible to own an LV bag without having to burn through our savings of over a decade. In a recent move, deemed both smart and controversial by the industry, LVMH (Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton SE) has opened a manufacturing factory in the US. Based in Keene, a small town near Dallas, Texas, the factory will be producing the statement bags on US soil. The bags will carry a “Made in the USA,” tag, and be made by an all-American workforce.

But here’s the catch, the iconic LV bags that we know and love, are desirable for one reason.

The French label is known to produce their bags with the craft of “petites mains”, local artisans who have trained for decades to learn that trade. In comparison, the Texas plant is recruiting employees with little to no experience, at a low hourly wage of 13$. They will also be MUCH cheaper and is like a safety blanket for the trade war between the US and EU. The whole thing has a very “sweatshop” kind of appeal. Imagine if a desi designer known for making her clothes out of a state-of-the-art establishment with amazing amenities for its employees outsourcing the job to poorly paid interns in a dingy basements!

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The fashion fraternity has both criticised and hailed this decision on behalf of the French fashion giant. Best described by a scathing post by fashion watchdog Diet Prada, the whole thing puts a dampener on the way luxury products are perceived these days. President Donald Trump was joined by daughter Ivanka to unveil this establishment, which has attracted even more flak. Fashion is known to be one of the most exploitative industries, surely a multi-million dollar label should be able to stay away from that?

What do you think? Will you ever buy a luxury item just for the name and not the craft? Let us know!

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