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#WOTW: Shoulder Dusters Are All The Rage Right Now

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When it comes to accessories, fashion girls make sure to own a top-notch collection to flaunt each time they step out in style. Right from statement neckpieces to designer watches, you’ve got your accessories all covered for the season ahead and it does include a thing or two from your mother’s bauble box. While you’re all set in the jewellery department, here’s a trend you may not have heard about.

Shoulder dusters — or shoulder-grazing earrings — have been around for quite a while and keep slipping back into trend every few years. If you’re a 90s kid, you’ll definitely have spotted these extra-long earrings on the ramp while addictively watching FTV. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, let me get this one for you. Shoulder dusters are earrings that literally touch your shoulders, and in some cases even go way past it. They have a way of elongating your face and neck and also create some nice movement thanks to their length.

The next time you want to jazz up that boring LBD, all you need is a pair of shoulder duster earrings and you’re all set to slay! These earrings are super dramatic and make a bold statement while putting you firmly in the limelight. If you’re someone who can’t handle all that attention but you still want to try this trend out, pick a delicate tasseled pair instead of oversized gemstones or drops.

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