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Why The #DeepVeer Wedding Is Everything We Want To Copy

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If you stalked the pictures from the #DeepVeer wedding… what do I mean by if? Of course, we were all glued to our Instagram and positively swooned when they released pictures from their wedding released. The amount of oxytocin just their wedding created was enough to go around for a couple of years. And we weren’t the only ones all starry eyed and more keenly aware of our single-ness than ever before, the stars were struck as well. Karan Johar’s comment on their picture, ‘Uff I want to get married.’ resonated far and wide, he was speaking for all us. But what is it about the Deep Veer wedding that has had us so thoroughly intrigued, so glued to our phones, so curious (alternatively, nosey)? And why is this the wedding all of want to copy. We have a few theories.

Deep Veer Wedding-1

Convention Was Done Away With

Deepika and Ranveer didn’t care about society’s diktats. They help it at a place away from their country even while people protested. Apparently, it meant they weren’t patriotic enough. They didn’t bother with grand declarations of love though we all had an inkling. They simply didn’t care enough for log kya kahenge.

Deep Veer Wedding-2

They Still Respected Tradition

While they might have not anything remotely cliche, they respected traditions. From having the wedding ceremony in the Konkani and Sindhi way, to the glorious kaleerein that Deepika wore,  everything pointed to a reverence for their own lineage and upbringing. Sigh, so warm.

Deep Veer Wedding-3

Their Theme Was Nothing We Have Seen Before

Wedding themes can be pretty daunting. It requires everyone to dress up in a certain colour, and this is almost always different from the bride and groom. Deepika and Ranveer had a colour scheme for every function but like the pictures give away, everyone was in on the fun. The dusky rose for the mehendi was what everyone was wearing.  That’s pretty cool, we think.

Deep Veer Wedding-4

How Happy They Looked

Weddings are a lot of fun, agreed. But the pressure on the groom and bride is often to appear subdued and solemn. Deepika and Ranveer showed a figurative middle finger to this regressive thinking. They looked like they were having a ball at their own wedding, laughing, smiling and just having fun. Basically they set some pretty epic #couplegoals which most of us are going to try and emulate must mostly fail.

Deep Veer Wedding-5

They Didn’t Give A Damn About Expectations

People expected them to have a grand wedding in India. #DeepVeer gave no f****. We expected that the whole of Bollywood would be invited. #DeepVeer, yet again, had no f**** to give. We want pictures, we want access to your wedding, we all screamed hoarse. No, said #DeepVeer, we will keep you on tenterhooks and only release what we choose to release. And though they didn’t say it in so many words, they asked us to take our expectations and put it where the sun don’t shine.


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