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Why Does My Bra Strap Offend You?

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In my free time, which my current employed status doesn’t give me the luxury often, I think about what is going to kick us all into the third world war. And as much as our wild speculations might lead us to blame it upon some political conspiracy or a ‘too-Anurag-Kashyap-to-be-true’ kind of a Sacred Games theory, the reason could very well be very simple and right before our eyes – an errant bra strap. You’d think it would be more sinister, but it probably isn’t going to be. On the other hand, the escapee bra strap is potentially toxic – to the eyes and to people’s sensibilities.

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Bra Strap – The Weapon

In popular culture, red lipstick and high heels have a place of honour as weapons that women use. And if you enjoy being really sexist, then tears are apparently something we use to get our way too. But step away, you mere minions, the bra strap is here and it is capable of bringing the world down to its knees, because apparently people just can’t deal with it showing. And while we aren’t entirely sure why,  a strap sticks out like a sore thumb, emitting ultraviolet rays strong enough to blind you or when you’re living in a country like India, bring out the rapist in you. Actually, I apologise, anything will bring out the rapist in men, including us simply exhaling at this point. Now, we may not have statistics but we can confirm that no casualties have taken place due to the contraption called a bra. And despite strong opposition and claims of its extraordinary prowess, all a bra strap really does is hold our breasts up and together.

Take My Breast Away

But clearly, it does more for others than it ever does for us. Because it seems to stem more reactions from people not wearing it, than from ones having to wear it on the daily. If I had penny for every time I have been shyly told that my bra strap is showing, I would have been a millionaire. A rich person with a lot of coins but a millionaire, nonetheless. But why it must be tucked away stumps us. Neither is it blindingly ugly (the comfortable ones sometimes do look ugly, yes) nor does it bite (definitely doesn’t), but people have always taken the liberty to insinuate just how inappropriate it is for it to be visible to the naked eye. Especially our parents, teachers and even fellow girlfriends, who sneak up behind us to tuck it in, like they’re doing us and the world a social service.

From as far back as I can recall, a bra strap has always come across as this day and age’s forbidden apple. Because honestly, that would be the only reason good enough to justify the hype that exists around a woman’s brassiere. From being taught as little girls to always tuck it in, and wear clothes that show no sign of your bra (it’s like our breasts are held up by magic and strong will power), let alone reveal what colour is it, to being called a slut in case it ever does happen, the world has always regarded it with reluctance. Which in my opinion is kind of funny, because they do love the product, but apparently the packaging offends them. And if it doesn’t offend them, it probably entices the hungry molester in them and there is no in between.

Which leaves us in a rather confused and vulnerable position, because either way there is no winning in it for us, the ones who should probably be the ONLY ones having a say in the matter. However, before you can squeak about it, you are branded a rebel or bigdi hui ladki, who would go ahead and choose to wear a backless top with visible bra straps. Such haye, much tauba.

The Bra-sh Truth

Most of us, all our lives, have let ourselves be dictated by the orthodox mindsets of our previous generations and let ourselves be confined to their definition of what is right and what is wrong. So much so that, all it takes for us to turn from susheel to awara is one rogue bra strap. Usually, because sometimes bras have a mind of their own and decide to abandon my shoulder for no good reason and is of no consequence to us. It doesn’t bother us much. But this rubs everyone else the wrong way. A bra strap has now become a symbol of either rebellion or compliance. It is what tells sanskaari from the besharams and is often valued in the indian currency of izzat.

And if it’s not that, then it is about culture and etiquette of knowing that an undergarment has no business of showing up. Except, why do you care, if we don’t? And don’t get us wrong, we have no fetish whatsoever to wear our bras over our tops – maybe some of us do – but most of us just deal with this. Except, the last time a man wore his undies over his pants, he was hailed a hero and everyone was thrilled that he emblazoned an ‘S’ across his chest. We have just a teeny-weeny bit of our bra showing and we are just promiscuous. The thing is, in an attempt to keep a woman’s bra under the radar, we’ve ended up making such a big deal about it that people get awkward at even the slightest mention of it.

We need to understand that it, after all, is just another regular piece of clothing. And there is the concept of looking away if it offends your being. It says nothing about how much sex we are having or whether we smoke. It is not an invitation to anyone- not to tuck in and certainly not for you to make sexual advances. Let’s calm your titties, shall we?

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